Worldbuilding | Deity of Dice w/ Kelsey Barnhart

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Event: inPerson
Age: Adult
Level: Beginner, Casual
Experience: Social
Runtime: 2 hours

Deity of Dice

A world-building game by Kelsey Barnhart

Craft your legend in this collaborative world-building game. Played with 1-8 players, create a 'Deity' and as a 'Pantheon', weave an intricate lore using dice rolls and random tables. Play before your next TTRPG campaign for a setting your players know as well as their characters do, or play as a stand-alone game and craft a unique mythos!

Rules: Custom Game Engine
Number of Players: 8
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Light-hearted
Themes: Worldbuilding, Storytelling
Content: References to drugs and alcohol

About the Guide

Kelsey Barnhart is an actor, writer, and DM who takes pride in telling compelling stories, from film & television to comics and TTRPGs. With over a decade of experience running games, Kelsey's goal is to inspire the creativity in others through game design.

Twitter: @kelsbarnhart
IG: @thekelseybarnhart