Virtual Events 

Our virtual events bring the Twenty Sided experience to your home. 

Twenty Sided events are a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening. In each event you will find creative inspiration, gain new skills, and practice techniques that will last a lifetime.

Connect with friends and settle in for the adventure!

Events Schedule

Any of our events can be scheduled anytime between 1pm – 10pm eastern (subject to availability). Once you have registered for an event, we will send you an email to confirm a date and time.

If you have any questions or special requests, please reply to the confirmation email or send an email to

Need Help Gathering a Group?

We understand how difficult it can be to round up a group of people for an event. Twenty Sided Events are a great way for adults to meet new people, play games, and get immersed in the community. Let us know which event you are interested in and we will do the rest to gather a group of people together for any events with the Single Ticket option. 

To unlock Single Ticket registration, please join the Twenty Sided Server on Discord or email

Events for Kids

Our private virtual events are a great way for kids to learn and explore in a fun and creative way. We have created unique curriculums for all of our private events that are specifically designed for a younger audience.

When registering your child for a private virtual event, please reply to the confirmation email or send an email to with your child's name and age.

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