Crime Scene Helsinki 2012

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Crime Scene Helsinki sets the you up at the scene of a horrendous crime. No one can believe that this could happen in safe and secure Finland – a crime this brazen.

With public safety threatened, you have to comb through the evidence and find out, who might have a penchant for revenge.

Follow the story and act as a detective:

  • Collect Evidence
  • Make Connections
  • Figure Out who Is behind it all

With no set time limit, take your time and throw yourself into the investigation.

You can play either solo or as a team.


  • 1 Crime Scene image
  • 1 Story Booklet
  • 64 Cards
  • Game Guide


Players: 1+
Ages: 18+
Runtime: 2+ hours
Designer: Markku Heljakka, Petter Ilander, Richard Heayes