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Immerse yourself in a story-driven, app supported, RPG-style board game with Destinies! With no need for a game master, each scenario unveils part of a vivid world full of dark stories, epic characters, and mysteries to solve.

Take on the role of an adventurer in the "chosen few" on a competitive quest to fulfill their destiny. Your fates intertwined, each destiny gives two different paths to fulfill it. The consequences of each your choices are meaningful, changing the state of the world as you play.

Explore the world by gaining and using items, talking with characters and overcoming obstacles, getting closer and closer to your Finale- a series of events which ends with your destiny fulfilled. Be the first player to fulfill your own personal destiny and win!


  • 67 Map Tiles
  • 150 Item Cards
  • 15 Destiny Cards
  • 26 Point of Interest Markers
  • 20 Coin Tokens
  • 20 Experience Tokens
  • 36 Skill Marker Tokens
  • 10 Pairs of Trade Tokens
  • 6 Main 6-sided Dice
  • 9 Effort 6-sided Dice
  • 3 Player Boards
  • 31 Miniatures (PCs, NPCs, and Enemies)
  • 5 Scenarios
  • Rulebook


Players: 1-3
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 120-150m (per scenario)
Designer: Michał Gołębiowski, Filip Miłuński
Illustrator: Karolina Jędrzejak, Magdalena Leszczyńska, Irek Zielinski