by Asmodee

Thousands of years ago, the planet Solenia lost its day-night cycle. Since that time, the northern hemisphere is in the dark, while on the southern side, the sun is shining.

But through trade and transport, the residents succeed in surviving and expanding their world.

In Solenia, players now have to take on this task of delivering goods by airship from the night side to the day side and vice versa.

In several rounds, they play cards from the hand, take over flying production islands or cities, fulfill orders and move the airship.

If you were able to collect the most gold stars after only 16 cards, you are the winner in this sophisticated game of light and darkness.


  • 1 Giant Airship Figurine
  • 5 Double-Sided Gameboard Strips
  • 48 Delivery Tiles
  • Gold Tokens
  • 60 Resources
  • 16 Airship Cards Per Player
  • 1 Player Board Per Player
  • 24 Improvement Tiles
  • 1 Die


Players: 1 - 4
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 30 - 45m
Designer: Sébastien Dujardin