Into the Wyrd and Wild

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Into the Wyrd and Wild is a supplemental book for adding weird and terrifying wilderness into any role-playing game.

Forever wielded but never owned, The Wyrd is a force that binds all of natural creation together. Everything touched by it grows rampant and free. This is not the woods of peaceful fey, but a dark twisted world ruled over by uncaring ancient trees. Enter the Wyrd if you dare...


  • Rules for wilderness travel and survival
  • Rules for hunting, tracking and butchering monsters
  • 50 beasts of branch and bone
  • Strange and savage items spells
  • An essay and guidelines on running and creating wilderness dungeons
  • A step-by-step guide for generating your own wilderness adventure
  • 100 random wilderness locations
  • Tables for random diseases, wilderness dressings, traps, hazards, flora, encounters and MORE.
System: System Agnostic
Mechanic: GM & Dice
Genre: Fantasy Horror
Tone: Serious, Spooky
Themes: Wilderness, Monstrosities, Strange Items
Designer: Charles Ferguson-Avery
Art: Charles Ferguson-Avery