Lighthouse at the End of the World

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In this solo journaling roleplaying game, you have taken a post watching over the lighthouse at the furthest reaches of civilization. Using a die, playing cards, a coin, and a few other pieces to help you generate an original story, you'll piece together what it means to be a person at the edge of the world.

As remote as it is, you are not alone. You have neighbors. And not just the passing ships. Countless shipwrecks have brought restless spirits to your shores.

You are alive. They are not. Tend the light. Fend off the dead.

Content Safety: Lighthouse at the End of the World deals with themes of isolation, shame, regret and (glancingly) suicidal thought.


System: Solo Journaling
Mechanic: Deck of Cards, 1 d6 die, 1 Coin, Jenga Tower, 10 Tokens, a map, paper & writing utensils
Ages: 14+
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Horror
Tone: Serious, Dark
Themes: Isolation, Regret, Shame, Undead Horrors
Designer: Ken Lowery
Art: Sally Cantirino