Women are Werewolves

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Women are Werewolves is a card-based storytelling game where you play the role of nonbinary members of a family that believe only women transform into werewolves. Whether the family is correct, how the family defines men and women, and whether there are other werewolf families in the world who contradict that truth are up to you.

At its heart, it's a game about self-discovery and whether you can find, or make, a space for your authentic self within a family that might not understand you. By answering questions from carefully created prompts, explore your relationships to gendered spaces and family traditions as well as queer and non-queer family members.


  • 95 Tarot-sized Cards


Players: 1-6
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 1-2h
Designer: C.A.S. Taylor & Yeonsoo Julian Kim
Illustrator: Amber Lewis