Dream Crush

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Prepare to GUSH about your CRUSH!

Look into your heart and choose your favorite Crush, then guess who your friends are crushing on in this totally timeless fantasy dating game!

Inspired by the classic dating games of the past half-century or so, Dream Crush is played over five rounds: in each round, you reveal a Milestone Card with steadily increasing impact (ex: “They ask you to be on their bar trivia team” or “You must co-sign a lease with one Crush”) as well as a Secret about each Crush, lending insight into their unique personalities and lifestyles.

Each player secretly chooses a Crush to embark upon the Milestone with, writing it on their scorecard, while also predicting who their friends will pick. Once everyone has recorded their answers, players take turns revealing their choices, often engaging in passionate table-talk defending their decision-making process (which becomes more agonizing as the rounds pass).

All correct guesses count as points toward a total that will determine the winner at the end of the game.


  • Game Board
  • 5 decks of 15 Milestone cards
  • 5 decks of 50 Secret cards
  • 96 Crush cards
  • Scoresheet pad
  • 3 Crush stands
  • Rulebook


Players: 2 - 6
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 30m 
Designer: Nick Prueher


Printable Scorecards