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Does your game night end in family feuds? Channel that fighting spirit with Superfight!

Superfight is a game where you argue with your friends over ridiculous fights. The game is very simple but fun for all levels and kinds of players.

Pair Character (white) cards with Power and Problems (black) cards to create teams of fighters to battle head to head.

Argue and vote on who would win: A kindergarten class that breathes fire and is wearing jetpacks vs. A pirate swinging a shark on a chain and riding a Segway.

Whichever team gets the most votes, wins that round!

Match up characters like George W. Bush, Child Beauty Pageant Queen, and Sharks with Problems and Powers like Inside a Giant Hamster Ball and Can Turn Invisible While Singing Show Tunes.

You'll never want to stop fighting with Superfight!


  • 160 Character Cards
  • 340 Powers and Problem Cards


Players: 3-10
Ages: 5+
Designer: Jack Dire