MTG Commander Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40,000 : Forces of the Imperium (WUB)

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Release Date: Oct 07, 2022

Command a new battlefield and conquer the galaxy in epic multiplayer Magic games set in the world of the tabletop miniatures game, Warhammer 40,000!


Your army brings glory amid endless battles in the far future. The war may be the same, but the battlefield is always new with Commanders Inquisitor Greyfax and Marneus Calgar.

Pick up a preconstructed commander deck to play one of the most popular Magic formats, Commander. Commander is a different way to play Magic The Gathering. It's all about legendary creatures, big plays, and battling your friends in epic multiplayer games.

Check out each deck's decklist here!


  • 1 foil-etched display Commander card
  • 2 foil Legendary cards
  • 98 additional Magic: The Gathering cards
  • 10 tokens
  • 1 Life Wheel
  • Deck box