MTG Prerelease Pack : March of the Machine (MOM)

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Release Date: Apr 14, 2023

In the epic conclusion to the Phyrexian story arc, legendary cards from across your favorite planes have been reprinted together to fight the Phyrexian scourge. Summon Planeswalkers from across the Multiverse as they join the fight against Phyrexia!

Set Mechanics

  • The return of Planechase cards: the ability to walk across planes with the roll of a die. If the die lands on the chaos symbol, however, a special condition on the card activates, affecting the game for every player involved.

Prerelease Packs are the perfect way to get introduced to a Magic Set. Build a 40 card sealed deck out of these cards by picking 23 (or so!) of your best cards and adding 17 basic lands (or so! lands not included). Then battle it out with other sealed decks!


  • 6 Draft Boosters
  • 1 Foil-Stamped Rare or Mythic Rare Card
  • In addition to a foil-stamped promo card from the set, March of the Machine Prerelease Packs include an additional legendary promo card for Commander play
  • 1 Spindown, 20-sided Life Counter Die
  • 1 Deck Box
  • 1 MTG Arena Code Card