Unspeakable Words (Deluxe Edition)

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In Unspeakable Words - the game of spooky scary word formation!

In Unspeakable Words, you and your opponents will attempt to form words from the letter cards in your hand. Each letter is worth points – the amount of points is determined by the number of angles in the letter (where the hounds of Tindalos are lurking!).

You may try to make the highest scoring word possible, but… you’ll have to test the strength of the word against a roll of the 20-sided die. Roll equal to or higher than the value of your word and you’re safe… but roll less than the value of your word and you lose a precious piece of your sanity, represented by an adorable Cthulhu pawn!

Balance your luck, skill, and sanity when you play Unspeakable Words!

  • Each letter is uniquely illustrated with a horrifying character from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, which adds to the dark whimsy of the game.
  • A devious word game that will eat at your sanity
  • The bigger the word, the more dangerous
  • Based on the Cthulhu mythos of HP Lovecraft


  • 148 Letter Cards
  • 1 Glow in the Dark Custom 20 Sided Die
  • 40 Multi Colored Cthulhu Pawns
  • 1 Dice Bag
  • 1 Instructions


Players: 2 - 8
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 30m
Designer: James Ernest, Mike Selinker