Twenty Sided Store

A retail store and premier event organizer in Williamsburg Brooklyn that focuses on high quality Board Games, Role Playing Games, and Magic: The Gathering.

Magic Singles FAQ

Scry in the Future!

You are my #1 shop to buy Magic: The Gathering singles. Why have you decided to discontinue carrying them?

With the business growing in many different directions we have to make some really tough choices. This was not a decision we made lightly and we weighed a ton of different options in doing so.

Among many reasons, the most literal reason for doing this is space! We are literally running out of room to store our cards and New York just doesn’t provide us with affordable options.

We have always been forward thinking with all of our decisions; considering not only the immediate for Twenty Sided Store, but how we can set the business up for the future.

Will you still be selling Magic: the Gathering product and hosting MTG Events?

Yes of course! In fact, we will now be able to stock a lot more sealed product and hold many more events.

I requested some cards via the website. I already confirmed the prices via email, but I haven't picked up the order. Will I still be able to pick up my order?

Absolutely. Any card order that prices have already been confirmed via email are ready for pick up.

What should I do if I already submitted a buylist to sell some cards, but I have not yet dropped them off?

We are honoring all pending buylist card sales that have already been submitted. Swing on by!

Any other questions or concerns?

Email luis at, or swing by the store and he'll be happy to talk to you directly.