Event Info

All of our events & classes are for adults, unless specifically noted otherwise.

Got Kids? Twenty Sided Store has now partnered with Geek Forest to host events for Middle School through High School.


Participants must be 18+ to register for any event tagged ADULT.


Events tagged ALL AGES are primarily adults, participants 14+ may register. Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Events tagged FAMILY are primarily adults, but could be fun as a family outing. Registration is open to adults 18+. If you are registering as a Family, you may not register more than 2 kids per adult.

Types of Events


SPOTLIGHT events  are public events that feature a celebrity or game designer who has been invited to Twenty Sided Store. We have had writers, artists, publishers, directors, actors, musicians, game designers, fashion designers, and even archaeologists in the Twenty Sided Backroom Theater! 


We host SOCIAL events for Board Games, Roleplaying Games, and Magic: The Gathering. All of our SOCIAL events are great opportunities to meet new people, learn to play, and play more games! Twenty Sided Store certified Game Masters will be at each of these events to welcome players and teach games.  


Come by and check out the latest games. Each DEMO day will feature new releases or a curated selection of staff picks. Games will be on display and a Twenty Sided Store Game Master will run participants through a quick demonstration showing off the highlights of each game.


Twenty Sided Store hosts a variety of casual and competitive tournaments for Magic: the Gathering. We also occasionally host other competitions like: Trivia Night, Annual Scavenger Hunt, Board Game Team Challenge, etc.


Campaigns are ongoing games that last multiple sessions. Participants register for all sessions in advance. Most campaigns are for role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Occasionally we host Legacy games as well.


Gather your party for a Game Night at Twenty Sided Store. Reserve a table to play games with your friends. Borrow a game from our store copy collection, purchase a game, or bring your own. 

Parties may reserve one table for up to 8 players. If your party is larger than 8, please email [email protected] about booking.



If you would like to book a special event or private party hosted by Twenty Sided Store, please email [email protected] or check out our bookings page.