Twenty Sided Privates

Get more out of your gaming experiences!

Twenty Sided offers a wide variety of options to meet your needs.

All of our privates are held at Twenty Sided Store or at a public location. For premium experiences we offer unique locations for an additional fee. We also offer video chat options.

If you would like to book a Private, please email

Check out our Bookings Page for large group events.


Privates are available for individuals and small groups. All of our Privates are led by certified Twenty Sided Guides. All materials needed will be provided and are included in the price.

  • Individual Private $100 per hour
  • Additional Adults $25 per hour
  • Additional Kids $50 per hour


Classes & Seminars

All Classes and Seminars are taught by Lauren Bilanko with the exception of Magic: The Gathering taught by Mattie Courtney (basics) and Luis Chato (advanced).

  • Adventure Writing 
  • Learn to DM
  • Game Design 101
  • How to Play D&D
  • How to Play Magic: The Gathering
  • Mini Painting 


D&D + RPGs

All D&D + Roleplaying Games are guided by Lauren Bilanko, Johnni Medina, or Mattie Courtney.

  • Runner Quest Adventures
  • Twenty Sided Adventures
  • D&D 5e
  • Indie RPGs (choose from a wide selection)


Game Night

All Games Nights are guided by a certified Twenty Sided Game Master. We can recommend a game or you may request any game from our collection.

  • Social Game Night (games like Codenames and Avalon) 
  • Strategy Game Night (games like Catan and Ticket to Ride)
  • Immersive Game Night (games Mansions and Madness)
  • Card Game Night (games like Magic: The Gathering and Keyforge)