Barrow Keep Den of Spies

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When you were young, you though Barrow Keep's great walls would keep you safe. But now, coming of age, you realize how many troubles were inside these walls all along; duplicitous courtiers, treacherous kin, puritanical heresy-hunters, glamoured spies from the woods beyond the walls, and hungry, ancient spirits of the forgotten past. How will you protect yourself? How will you protect your friends?

Den of Spies is the first installment of the Barrow Keep series of romantic fantasy settings for adventure fantasy games with an old school spirit

Barrow Keep is a low-prep, old-school setting driven by playbooks and adaptable, easy-to-run scenarios. You play the young residents of the Keep, coming of age while dealing with mysteries, treacheries, and intrigues.

Created by Brooklyn-local and friend to Twenty Sided Store, Richard Ruane!

The 32-page zine includes:

  • Procedures for making your own Barrow Keep, giving each player choices about the Keep's rulers, attendants, and mysteries
  • GM advice and pointers focused on running the first session
  • A tour of Barrow Keep's locations, factions, and arcane technologies
  • A bestiary of the Keep's catacombs and the surrounding woods
  • Old School Revival-compatible character and magic options


System: Custom, D&D 5e Compatible 
Mechanic: GM & Dice 
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Various
Themes: Romance, Intrigue, Protection, Secrets