Board Game Demo | NEW Games! - SAT 3/31/18 @ 1pm

Board Game Demo | NEW Games! - SAT 3/31/18 @ 1pm

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Beginners Welcome!
Adult (18+), All Ages, Family

Board Game Demo | NEW Games!

Check out some sweet NEW games! and win prizes!

Luis will be your tour guide showing off the beautiful design and unique mechanics of each game. The more games you demo, the more chances to win!

Each demo is about 10 minutes!

Featured Games:


Decrypt the code in Decrypto.

Fairy Tile

Be the first to complete your Fairy Tile.

Action Cats

Spin tales about the secret lives of cats.

The Thing

Don't get infected at Outpost 31 in The Thing.

Space Base

Be the first to launch your ships in the not yet released Space Base!

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