Class | Mini Painting (Adult) - Tuesdays @ 7pm

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Transfers, cancellations, or any other changes must be made 48 hours prior to event to receive a credit for a future event. Refunds will not be provided.

Adult (21+)

Class | Mini Painting

Materials Needed: 1 unpainted primed miniature.

Paints and brushes will be provided.

If you have miniatures that you would like to paint that are not primed, you may also want to pick up a primed miniature to paint while the primer is drying.

OWLBEAR Mini Demo 2/25 

Pick up a WizKids Owlbear Miniature for this event and paint along!

RED DRAGON Mini Demo 3/31

Pick up a WizKids Red Dragon Miniature for this event and paint along!


Level 1 | Beginners Welcome!

Learn the basics painting miniatures.

Painting Miniatures is a relaxing and creative experience at Twenty Sided. Each participant will learn the following 3 basic steps.

Basic Techniques Covered

  • Base Coat

  • Wash

  • Dry Brush

Level Up | Personalized Advanced Techniques

If you have already attended this class, and want to bring back the mini you started, we will work with you on advance techniques. As you level up, It is encouraged to have several minis in different stages, so be sure to bring a new one to start a base coat as well.

Advanced Techniques Covered

  • Wet Mixing Base Coat
  • Layering
  • Inking
  • Fine Detailing 

About the Instructors
Lauren Bilanko, co-founder of Twenty Sided Store, is a classically trained painter with a BFA from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. She developed this course after the first time she painted a miniature at a convention and fell in love. 

Johnni Medina has been working for Twenty Sided for over 2 years and has been leading the Mini Painting course with Lauren for the past year. She is always trying out new and innovative techniques and loves to share what she is working on with her students.