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Classes & Seminars

Our Classes and Seminars are great for those at any experience level looking to spend a relaxing evening out with friends meeting new people. In each course you will find creative inspiration and gain new skills and practice techniques that will last a lifetime. All of our classes are small providing lots of personal attention from our instructors.

Class | D&D Learn to Play 

w/ Lauren Bilanko

In this class we will cover the basics of how to play Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Our custom character creation method will not only provide a deep dive into the mechanics, providing a better understanding of the game structure, we will also teach you the creative tools necessary to roleplay the character of your imagination in epic adventures to come. Our bottoms up approach starts with imagining the characters we want to play first, then applying the appropriate rules to support our vision. 

Beginners Welcome! 

No experience is necessary. 

Suggested: We will provide all materials needed. If you already own the D&D 5e Player’s Handbook and a set of dice, we encourage you to bring them with you.

Class | Story Improv

w/ Johnni Medina

Improvisation is the school of theater dedicated to creating stories and bringing characters to life with no script and little preparation. In roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons we often use improv to craft unique mannerisms and voices to establish our characters, or develop situations on the fly. 

Get on your feet and get goofy! This course has been specifically designed as a practice towards thinking on our feet, trusting our instincts, and building confidence in our decisions. Using a smorgasbord of fun games, we’re about to demystify Improv and bringing your roleplaying games to life! 

Beginners Welcome! 

No improv ability or roleplaying experience is needed in this small, but lively, class.

Suggested:  Wear comfortable clothing you can move around in. You’ll be on your feet!

Seminar | Learn to Dungeon Master

w/ Lauren Bilanko

Dungeons & Dragons is a shared storytelling experience inspiring imagination and creativity. This course will cover the basics of how to Master your own interactive storytelling adventure.

Go behind the screen as we guide you through the basics of how to run a great game for a group of adventurers. Everything from preparing one shots to running an ongoing campaign will be covered in this course. Whether you are interested in running games professionally or just want to learn some handy tips and tricks for your home game, this course is for you.

Beginners Welcome!

No experience is necessary, however a basic understanding of how to play a roleplaying game is recommended. 

Suggested: If you are new to roleplaying games we suggest first attending our D&D Learn to Play course, or register for one of our D&D One Shot sessions.  

Adventure Writing Seminar

w/ Lauren Bilanko

Interactive Storytelling is one of the most unique writing structure forms to date. When we create an interactive story we ask our audience to participate, and collaborate in the story process, improvising details that will generate a custom experience. 

In this course we explore interactive story structures in roleplaying games and how they differ from traditional story structures most common in novels or movie scripts. We will discuss techniques on writing your own adventures, customizing prewritten adventures, and organizing adventures into a sessions and campaigns. 

Beginners Welcome!

No experience is necessary. 

Seminar | Game Publishing 101

w/ Lauren Bilanko

In this seminar we will cover some of the most crucial and overlooked concepts for selling your game once it is published. Packaging and marketing may seem like a long way off, but thinking about it early on will give you more flexibility in the design of your game as your game develops.

We will cover a lot of great topics in this seminar as well as open the floor to questions:

  • What makes for a good playtest
  • Writing the rule book for your game
  • Designing great box art for retail
  • How to take great photos for Social Media vs. Product Shots
  • How to price your game - thinking about direct sales, distribution, wholesale, and retail markets
  • How to promote your game, before and after it is published
  • Working with retailers to promote your game
  • Providing customer incentives that work, like promos
  • How to run great gaming events or demos
  • plus much more...

Beginners Welcome!

No experience is necessary. 


ABOUT Lauren Bilanko

Lauren has spent the last 20 years telling stories professionally through photography, film, and Dungeons & Dragons. Since 2011 Lauren & Luis, owners of Twenty Sided Store, have pushed the boundaries of the gaming industry for others to follow. Go behind the scenes with Lauren as she shares with you the magnitude of knowledge and experience she has picked up over the years working with some of the most influential artists and creators of our decade. 


ABOUT Johnni Medina

Get wacky with Johnni, content creator and staff at Twenty Sided Store. Johnni has improv and comedy training through Second City and the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. She has been teaching improv to all ages and abilities for the past seven years and has managed four improv teams and produced several sketch shows.