D&D 5e | Drums in the Marsh - FRI 8/4/18 @ 1p

D&D 5e | Drums in the Marsh - FRI 8/4/18 @ 1p

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Level: Beginners Welcome!
Adult (18+)

D&D 5e | Drums in the Marsh
Nestled alongside the Trank River is the trading village of Yarlfjord. Once a popular spot for travelers seeking rest from their journeys on river or by foot; it has now become a scarcely-populated outpost of paranoid settlers. Recently, members of their community have been vanishing in the night... and people claim to hear naught but the faint echoing of drums in the darkness as more innocents are claimed. Can the adventurers discover what is causing the people of Yarlfjord to vanish? And dare they chase after the pounding drums that mark these disappearances?

This adventure is beginner-friendly; no previous experience required! It is designed for a group of heroes at Level 1 and is a great opportunity to jump in and learn. Pre-Made Characters will be available for you to choose from, but you are also welcome and encouraged to bring your own Level 1 Character so long as they fit the guidelines for the Adventure’s League Official Play format.

Rules + Hacks
# of Players : 6
Tone : Serious
Emphasis : Shared Storytelling, Exploration, Skill Challenge