D&D 5e | Folded Time Trilogy - SAT @ 1p

D&D 5e | Folded Time Trilogy - SAT @ 1p

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Level: Beginners Welcome!

Adult (18+)

Play in one or all 3 adventures!

D&D | 5e Folded Time Trilogy

12/1 - Part 1 |  A Wrinkle in The Weave

The Blackstaff has discovered an oddity in the Weave that surrounds Waterdeep. The enigma may have been there all along or it might be new and the Blackstaff intends to figure it out using an ancient artifact from the reign of Emperor Shoon III.

12/8 - Part 2 | The Hero of the Troll Wars

Hurtling through time, you find yourself embroiled in a struggle to keep

the fledgling town of Waterdeep from succumbing to a vicious Troll

invasion. But sometimes the true threat lies within the city walls...

12/15 - Part 3 | Purging the Blood

Still falling through time, Waterdeep has grown into a small city with

a problem, a vampire problem, but an old friend offers a solution.


Beginners Welcome!

Pregenerated Characters will be provided or bring your own level 1 AL Character.

Rules as Written

Theme: Fantasy

# of Players: 6 per table

Tone: Light Hearted

Emphasis: Storytelling, Investigation, Exploration