D&D 5e | Tall Trees Tell - SAT 7/21/18 @ 6p

D&D 5e | Tall Trees Tell - SAT 7/21/18 @ 6p

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Level: Beginners Welcome!

Adult (18+)

D&D 5e | Beginners Welcome!

DM : Ryan Novakovich

Tall Trees Tell

A group of wayward adventurer's stumble upon the quiet village of Kabel Hill. In ancient times, settlers of this land formed a pact with the creatures of the wood to ensure their bounty and secure protection... but as residents begin to disappear, they begin to wonder if the Fey have sundered their age-old truce.


Rules + Hacks

# of Players : 6

Tone : Serious

Emphasis : Shared Storytelling, World Building, Skill Challenge