D&D 5e | The Curse of Skylkorn Manor - THU 8/2/18 @ 7pm

D&D 5e | The Curse of Skylkorn Manor - THU 8/2/18 @ 7pm

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Level: Beginners Welcome!

Adult (18+)

D&D 5e

DM : Richard Ruane

The Curse of Skylkorn Manor

As a student, you've always excelled at your studies and now you've joined the ranks of first year students at a prestigious and elite Habour College of Waterdeep. In your first year class on Arcane Archeology, you and 10 of your classmates travel to the remote location of Skylykorn Manor with your professor, Dr. Ursula Sharpe. While the house has a dark reputation, it's also supposed to be less dangerous (and more comfortable) than the field trips required for Draconic Physiology or The Cultural Anthopology of Gnolls. It's 10 undergraduates, a weird professor, and a haunted house on a remote island 100s of miles from home. What could possibly go wrong?

We'll provide pregens AND teach the rules for anyone new to D&D 5e.


Rules as Guidelines

# of Players : 5

Tone : Dark

Emphasis : Investigation, Shared Storytelling, Exploration