D&D 5e | The Temple of Crescent Moon - THU 8/9/18 @ 7p

D&D 5e | The Temple of Crescent Moon - THU 8/9/18 @ 7p

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Level: Beginners Welcome!

Adult (18+)

D&D 5e

DM : Richard Ruane

The Temple of Crescent Moon

Arcane Archaeology classes continue! The surviving students of the Skylykorn Manor are juniors now and ready to serve as counselors and chaperones for the new first-year archaeology students from the prestigious Harbour College. No haunted houses this time, instead it's an exploration of a newly discovered temple dedicated to the Moonshae's mysterious mother goddess. So it's back to the islands with a smaller band of undergrads and their dauntless professor Dr. Tissot Sharkerly, an expert in the Moonshae's relgious antiquities (who promises she is definitely NOT secretly evil).

This is an adventure for newly minted 1st-level characters (or you can bring back your characters from Skylykorn Manor). We'll provide pregens and teach the rules to new players.


Rules as Guidelines

# of Players : 5

Tone : Dark

Emphasis : Investigation, Shared Storytelling, Exploration