D&D 5e | Warrior Princesses - SAT 8/4/18 @ 6p

D&D 5e | Warrior Princesses - SAT 8/4/18 @ 6p

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Level: Beginners Welcome!

All Ages (14+)

D&D 5e

DM : Miguel Zapico

Warrior princesses in the Realm of Everafter

Once upon a time, in the extraordinary and vast Realm of Everafter, the World Spear fell from the skies causing calamity and destruction. In the Spear’s wake, where once there was beauty, evil creatures appeared, taking advantage of the confusion and despair. Play as one of eleven Warrior Princesses and defend the Realm of Everafter using their bravery, strength, wit, and many powers.

This unique D&D 5th edition setting is played with a deck of tarot sized cards. Everything needed to play will be provided by the DM.


Rules as Written

# of Players : 6

Tone : Light-Hearted

Emphasis : Shared Storytelling, Exploration, World Building