D&D Fiasco - SAT 2/17/18 @ 5pm

D&D Fiasco - SAT 2/17/18 @ 5pm

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Level: Beginners Welcome!
Adult (18+)


DM : Brian Kapaun


This is a game where barely anyone will win, and it'll be a glorious disaster to play out. Inspired by films like Fargo, A Simple Plan, and Jackie Brown -  this is the game for the fan of ambitious characters and dramatic surprises. 

As a group we will create our cast of ambitious characters together, as well as the dangerous world around them. This is a collective role playing and storytelling experience that's easy to play and difficult to forget.

Beginners Welcome!

Modern / Contemporary
Rules as Written
# of Players : 5
Tone : Serious
Emphasis : Roleplaying, Story, Shared Storytelling