Storytelling | Runner Quest Adventures

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Storytelling  | Runner Quest Adventure

w/ Lauren Bilanko or Johnni Medina

Adventure, 2 hours


It was once believed that dragons roamed freely throughout the planet of Mira. Nobody has seen a dragon in thousands of years. There are some who believe that an ancient dragon still walks among us, disguising themself as human. You seek to find this dragon. Why?

No Rules, Only Your Imagination!

Runner Quests are interactive storytelling adventures created by Lauren Bilanko. They are unique to Twenty Sided. There are no rules, only your imagination! ... and of course we can’t forget the dice.

What You’ll Need

  • Gmail account to log into a Google Meet video call
  • A computer, phone or tablet mounted for viewing
  • Something to take notes with
  • A 20-sided die (suggested, but not required to play)