D&D Starfinder 2 Week Campaign - SUN 2/18/18 & 2/25/18 @ 1pm

D&D Starfinder 2 Week Campaign - SUN 2/18/18 & 2/25/18 @ 1pm

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Level: Beginners Welcome!
Adult (18+)

Starfinder Campaign

2 Weeks - SUN 2/18 & 2/25 @ 1pm - 5pm

Registration is for both weeks.

DM : Chris Bernal

Into the Unknown

Journey in Starfinder Society’s intro-quest: Into the Unknown, and decipher the mystery in the Vast...

As new Starfinders, you’ve been summoned to the Lorespire Complex, the campus in the Ring District on Absalom Station that makes up the Starfinder Headquarters. Venture-Captain Arvin has your first assignment: recovering the insignias of lost comrades that were sold to a shady pawnbroker. After that, find out what happened to those lost Starfinders! Even if it means boarding a spaceship and launching through the Drift, and Into the Unknown…

Players can bring their own level 1 characters, or choose from one of the Starfinder Iconic characters provided. 

Science Fantasy

Rules as Guidelines

# of Players : 6

Tone : Light-Hearted

Emphasis : Roleplaying, Story, Combat