MTG Prerelease 2HG | Guilds of Ravnica - SAT 9/29/18 @ 1:30p

MTG Prerelease 2HG | Guilds of Ravnica - SAT 9/29/18 @ 1:30p

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Level: Casual Competitive

All Ages (14+)

SAT 9/29/18 @ 1:30p - 5:30p

MTG Prerelease 2HG | Guilds of Ravnica

In Two Headed Giant, you and your partner will play as a team; you will build decks together and play together.

Your team will receive two prerelease packs that include 6 booster packs each. You and your teammate will open all of your packs and build two 40-card decks. Then, you get paired off for 3 rounds of a swiss style tournament. Each round is 50 minutes.

Registering a Team

Each teammate registers separately, but you must fill in the same team name for you and your partner. Pick different guilds for you and your teammate.

Tip: You can sign up you and your teammate at the same time:

  • Add yourself to the cart
  • Come back to this page
  • Add your teammate to the cart
  • Checkout

Guilds of Ravnica

This set features 5 different two colored guilds:

  • Boros Legion - Red / White
  • Golgari Swarm - Green / Black
  • House Dimir - Blue / Black
  • Izzet League - Blue / Red
  • Selesnya Conclave - Green / White

Pick your guild and register!