MTG Prerelease Sealed | Dominaria - SUN 4/22/18 @ 9am

MTG Prerelease Sealed | Dominaria - SUN 4/22/18 @ 9am

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Level: Casual Competitive
All Ages (14+)

MTG Prerelease Sealed | Dominaria!

Each Participant will get a prerelease pack that will include 6 booster packs. Each participant will open all 6 of their packs and build a 40-card deck. Then, get paired off for 3 rounds of a swiss style tournament. Each round is 50 minutes best of 3 matches.

Join Us!

It's only fitting that we celebrate 25 years of our favorite game, by heading back to where it all began.There's no better place than Dominaria, the setting responsible for many of the early adventures that shaped the Multiverse. Dominaria is a plane of legend, filled with friends, foes, and fables both familiar and foreign.

Join us as we check out all the new mechanics Prerelease weekend as past and present collide in our journey back to Dominaria. Welcome home Magic.