Murder Mystery Party | The Masterpiece

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Transfers, cancellations, or any other changes must be made 48 hours prior to event to receive a credit for a future event. Refunds will not be provided.

Adult (21+)

Join us for back to back dates during our Holiday Bazaar and immerse yourself in a storytelling experience full of endless possibilities and amazing surprises.

Twenty Sided Adventures presents…

A Murder Mystery Party | The Masterpiece

Costumes Required. Dress for a fancy party at a celebrity mansion.

Entry Fee includes wine and hors d'oeuvres.


Being from a prominent family, you have been invited to an exclusive Art Auction at a mansion in The Heights hosted by the most famous artist in the City of Blackbottom, Isabella Goviccini. Isabella will unveil her most recent masterpiece, a painting titled The Twins.

Character Creation

As you create your character, keep in mind that your character is extremely wealthy and privileged. You will roleplay your character for the duration of the event so you will want to be prepared to dress up as your character would and talk like your character would. Also be sure to come up with a name for your character. 
What your character does and who your character is involved with will be covered by the Roles assigned when you arrive, so focus more on your character’s personality, public appearance, and family heritage. It is ok to think of a profession, but keep in mind that your character may have several other investments or hobbies as well. 

The Format

You will play as the character you come dressed up as. When you arrive at your invitation will include a backstory, motivation, and connection to Isabella and the other guests. The inciting incident will play out as a murder attempt to poison Isabella's wine is initiated. You may have reasons to want her out of the way, but on the other hand, keeping her alive could be beneficial to you as well. Either way you will have to decide – will you be an accomplice to murder or will you and your allies be able to administer the antidote in time. You must play to find out.

Beginner Friendly!
No experience necessary. All materials will be provided.

This adventure takes place in the world of Mira and is set in the City of Blackbottom, a world created by Lauren Bilanko and Twenty Sided Team.

Music has been created by Larry Weisman for Twenty Sided Adventures. He will be performing a live mix during the event. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @djpreskool