Storytelling | Mira Reverie Reading w/ Lauren Bilanko

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Storytelling | Mira Reverie Readings

w/ Lauren Bilanko

Virtual Session, 1 hour


Based on the astrology of the World of Mira, the Reverie Deck draws its inspiration from the Twin Suns (Avon & Nova) and the Dragon Moons (Nocmora, Igneous, and Alunra). There are 28 cards in the Mira Reverie Deck that have been crafted to explore themes of innovation, exploration, and ingenuity.  Readings can include one or all three of the following readings, Oracle, Twin or Dragon reading.

Private Mira Reverie Readings

1 session $19.99

In each session we will draw upon the Aether for guidance.  

In an oracle reading one card will be drawn. This card represents a thought to meditate on.

In a twin reading we will draw 2 cards in order to get at the heart of the matter. The Twins working together will offer progressive guidance.

In a dragon reading 3 cards are drawn in a specific order. The first card represents where you have been, the second represents where you are now, and the third represents the path you are working towards. The Dragon Moons illuminate our path in the darkness. 

What You’ll Need

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  • A computer, phone or tablet mounted for viewing