Spotlight | Game Designer Playtest - SAT 3/24/18 @ 5pm

Spotlight | Game Designer Playtest - SAT 3/24/18 @ 5pm

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Level: Beginners Welcome!

All Ages (14+)

Spotlight | Game Designer Playtest 

Support local game designers! 

Participants get an opportunity to experience what goes into game design, playtest games prior to release, and give their feedback directly to the designers.

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Time Slot

5pm - 9pm

Bad Juju

Tim Lee & Mikey G.

Angry Duck Games


You messed with some Bad Juju. Use your lucky Gris-gris, a little Majik, and the aid of the Loa Guides as you venture into the Bayou to remove pins from your doll, or stick them into another doll. Be careful, if you venture too deep you may find yourself even more Hexed. The first to free their doll of Bad Juju, wins; the rest...  C'est la vie. 

# of Players : 3 - 5



30 - 60 Minutes

All Ages (14+)

Welcome to the Jungle

Cory Goonan & Eric Zelazinski

Coffee Cake Games


In back alleys, boardrooms, and nightclubs are business men, ladies, and thugs. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and It’s all for the taking if you have the guts to grab it.

Welcome to the Jungle is an inventory and land management game, with card battling elements where you build an empire from nothing and fight rivals to stake your claim. Every move is a chance, and every chance is an opportunity in this high stake game of luck and strategy. Will you rise or will you fall? There’s no surprise, we’ve seen it all… in the jungle. Welcome. 

# of Players : 1 - 4


Alternate Reality

45 min - 2 hours

All Ages (14+)

Couple Bundle

Cassie Collier

Bundle is a quirky and sweet board game that celebrates your relationship with your significant other. Bring your date (or even a group of friends) and get ready for a unique and fun afternoon as you make your way down memory lane - and laugh a lot in the process.

# of Players : 2 or 4 (couples)

Party, Storytelling


30 mins - 45 mins

Adult (18+)

Raiders of the Expanse

Nick Green, Rich Blankman, Lee Matos

Raiders of the expanse is a game where your band of space pirates fight over the vast treasures of abandoned starships in the galaxy. You’ll need to outsmart other players of the galaxy with strategic gameplay and using the unique tricks that each deck provides. Board gamers and TCG players alike can find something to enjoy.

# of Players : 1 - 4

Strategy, Deckbuilder

Sci - Fi

45 min - 2 hours

All Ages (14+)