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Wanderhome is a pastoral fantasy role-playing game about traveling animal-folk, the world they inhabit, and the way the seasons change. It is a game filled with grassy fields, mossy shrines, herds of chubby bumblebees, opossums in sundresses, salamanders with suspenders, starry night skies, and the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine.

You might be a tamarin who dances with small and forgotten gods, a leporine mail carrier who relies on moths to get packages where they belong, a little lizard with a big heart and a mysterious past, or a near-endless number of other thrilling possibilities. No matter what, you’re always travelers—animal-folk who go from village to village and get to see the length and breadth of all the world of Hæth.

The seasons will change as you play, and you and your friends will change with them.

Wanderhome is built on the Belonging Outside Belonging system, so there are no dice, no math, no Game Masters, and no complicated rules. The game is designed for any length of session, and with any number of folks.

Whether you’re sitting down with a couple of friends for a cozy after-dinner hangout or throwing a party for a decade-long campaign, Wanderhome always has space for your experiences and needs.


System: Belonging Outside Belonging
Mechanic: GM-less and Dice-less
Number of Players: 2+
Genre: Fantasy, Pastoral
Tone: Light Hearted
Themes: Belonging, Exploration, Change