20sidedTV Lives Streams on Twitch

20sidedTV Lives Streams on Twitch

20sidedTV Streams

Worldbuilding Mira

Wednesdays @ 3pm Eastern

Join Lauren and Johnni for weekly worldbuilding sessions and get inspired as we discuss and create the immersive, interactive World of Mira.

Behind the Scenes

Wednesdays @ 7:30p Eastern

Join Lauren for a behind the scenes look at projects in the works. Each episode will feature everything from art and design, to spotlight interviews with game designers and creators in the industry.

Mini Painting

Fridays @ 7:30p Eastern

Relax and unwind. Paint along with Lauren as she tells improvisational interactive stories and learn great painting tips and techniques along the way.

Game Night

Sundays @ 7:30pm Eastern

An all new 20sidedTV Series!

Join Lauren each week for the unboxing a new game and then stick around for some interactive storytelling games!

I just finished the first five episodes of Life is Strange and next up is Gone Home!

"Keep in mind that I haven't played a video game since the 90's! Hop in the chat and say hello!" -Lauren

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