What is Twenty Sided Store?

Twenty Sided Store is a retail store and event space that features a curated selection of board games and geeky accessories.

We believe in the power games have to bring people together, and have been doing so since 2011.

Twenty Sided Store welcomes beginners and veterans alike. Our events are a great way to meet new people and play more games! 

What kind of Games does Twenty Sided carry?

We have a highly curated selection of newer games like Catan and Codenames. We have some classics too, like Clue and Monopoly. We have puzzles, 2-player games, party games, strategy games, and lots of dice!

Twenty Sided Store supports Indie Game Designers. We carry a large selection of locally designed games, as well as Twenty Sided exclusives.

Swing by the store or contact us and we will help you find a game that is perfect for you!


Does Twenty Sided offer shipping?

Purchases are available for in store pick up only. We hope to start shipping soon. Stay Tuned...

Where is Twenty Sided Store located?

We are located in Williamsburg Brooklyn at 362 Grand Street, between Havemeyer St. & Marcy Ave.


L Train to Bedford Ave. (5 block walk)

L / G train to Lorimer St / Metropolitan Ave. (3 block walk)

J / M / Z train to Marcy Ave. (5 block walk)


If you are coming from Manhattan, take the Williamsburg Bridge exit S.5th st. to Havemeyer st. & Grand st.

We are right off the Metropolitan Exit on the  Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE).

What are the store's hours?

12p - 9p

Closed Monday


What is D&D? What is a Roleplaying Game (RPG)?

A Roleplaying Game is a collaborative storytelling experience. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) was the first Roleplaying Game, published in 1977.  Players take on the roles of different characters while the Dungeon Master sets the scene. The decisions the players make will affect the game world in different ways. Sometimes the game is played using an adventure module or setting that has been created by professional writers, other times players take the core rules of the game to create their own settings and worlds to explore.

Come to our next D&D or RPG event. Beginners Welcome! All of our D&D or RPG events are beginner friendly, unless otherwise specified. No experience necessary!

What is Magic: The Gathering?

Magic : the Gathering (MTG) is collectible card game that is a cross between Chess & Poker played in a fantasy setting. There are many different ways (called formats) to play the game, but the most common is a 2-player game where you and your opponent are Planeswalkers summoning creatures and spells to do your bidding in a battle to the death. Each player starts with 20 life.

Want to check it out? Come to the next MTG Social event or stop by the store and pick up a free Welcome Deck! Great for someone who wants to learn how to play or get back into Magic.