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Meet the creators, designers, and community members that bring our passions to life. Meet new people and hang with friends in the Twenty Sided community. Geek out over your favorite games and hobbies. Spotlights include socials, signings, playtests & demos, workshops, book clubs, and more...

Solo RPG Book Club | Project ECCO 
Discussion led by Elliot Davis

SAT 5/25 @12p – 4p

Our timeline is under attack. Time is being eaten by an entity that we've dubbed "ECCO". Entity of Chronological Consumption and Obfuscation. The Entity has already consumed several years and this is one of the only years left. We need you to track down ECCO, destroy it, and help us stabilize the timeline. We have included some tools for your mission: a watch, an agent field panner, and some era appropriate currency. After this first jump, you'll be mostly on your own. We'll send what help we can. Good luck.

Join game designer Elliot Davis as we discuss the events that unfolded after our first time jump. Everyone will have a different story to share. Some of us will succeed, some will fail, some may even get lost in time.

Free entry with purchase of the game.
*If you already purchased the game from us send us your confirmation number and we will send you the discount code for this event.

Game Designer Spotlight
Brightcast w/ Hugh Kramer & Nick Forker

SAT 6/1/2024 @ 12p
All Ages (14+)

Come join us for a free demo and tournament of our brand new competitive cardslinger: Brightcast! Tournament is free entry and all cards will be provided the day of the tournament. Prizes for all participants!

About Hugh & Nick
Hugh and Nick are aspiring game designers excited to demo their first game at Twenty Sided. Hugh and Nick have been a part of the Twenty Sided community since the beginning and we are so glad to spotlight them for this event.

Game Playtest | Pluto Dinerama
w/ Frank Spiro

SAT 6/15/2024 @ 12p-4p

Pluto Dinerama is the diner-building, strategic-comedic, extra extra-terrestrial card game of your dreams (the weird ones, specifically). Build out your Menu, Ambience, and Staff to attract Pluto’s finest Customers and earn the title of "Best Diner on Pluto."

About Frank Spiro
Frank is a screenwriter, producer, and comedian who loves a good board game night.