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Razor - Edge of the Razor (1988)

Canadian Thrash! Razor's first albums started off as more Motorhead than thrash. Over the course of their career, their sound evolved. The sound your hear in this track is pretty unique. It's definitely not Bay Area thrash, not nearly as aggressive as stuff coming out of Germany, not a Slayer clone: but you can hear elements of all plus more in here.

Recommended albums from Razor:

  • Violent Restitution (1988)
  • Open Hostility (1991)
  • Shotgun Justice (1990)
  • Executioner's Song (1985)
About Metal Monday

Luis discovered metal sometime while in Catholic middle school - born of part rebellion and some incurable urge to hear as many palm muted low e-strings as possible - metal became an obsession of his as a teenager.

Metal Monday's is our chance every week to headbang with all of you (if that's your thing).

Join Us!

Twenty Sided Store is dedicating Saturday, July 25th to playing games as we kick off local game designers for pre-Gen-Con Festivities!


12pm - Moby Dick, or the Card Game
2pm - Schmovie
4pm - New York 1901
6pm - Shipwrecks & Scaliwags


12pm - Magic: The Gathering Origins Draft
3:30pm - Magic: The Gathering Origins Draft
4pm - Star Versus Video Game Battle!


Star Versus

Yes, it is a real game with actual NES cartridges!

Star Versus is a competitive shooter for the NES. It features an intricate, strategic battle system with four playable characters, four unique arenas, configurable options, and much more!

We will hook up the NES to the projector and play on the big screen. Join us in the FUN!

Hang out and play, or play in the free TOURNAMENT!

New York 1901

Join us for a special Pre-launch Event for New York 1901 as we celebrate Blue Orange's new hit board game. This game will officially release at Gen Con, so you can be the first to check it out!

It's a big box family strategy game similar to Ticket to Ride, in which you will be building skyscrapers by acquiring property then trying to fit your tetris-shaped buildings into that property.

Demo New York 1901 and get:
• Entered into the raffle to win a copy of the game before anyone else!
• NY 1901 expansion pack (available for the first time ever)*
• Collectible NY 1901 Pin*

*while supplies last

Moby Dick, or, The Card game

Moby Dick, or, The Card Game is a dynamic and action-packed card game for 2-4 players, lovingly adapted from Herman Melville’s classic novel.

Experience the wonders and terrors of 19th century whaling and interact with some of the greatest characters in American literature in a game that's easy to learn but fathoms deep.

Assemble your crew, hunt whales and try to survive the final chase for the White Whale!


Schmovie Logo Schmovie Designers

Meet the Designers and get your very own signed copy!

Schmovie is the Hilarious Game of Made-Up Movies.

"What would you call and action film about a killer sandwich?" Roll the Genre Die, Flip the Who and What cards and come up with a great title. The player with the most trophies wins!

Shipwrecks & Scaliwags

Set in the golden age of piracy, you and your crew of 10 have gotten caught in a storm and crash landed on Saba, a volcanic island in the Caribbean, along with your enemies. It is now your job to organize and command your crew to repair your ship, get rich, and get off of the island before the volcano explodes.

This game combines worker placement, strategy, and piracy for a short, fast paced and fun game.

Come try it out!

Image from game

Ghost - Holy High

Ghost is a Japanese psych rock band started in 1984. This song is from their 2004 album, Hypnotic Underworld. While the album isn't for everyone (it clocks in at 70 minutes), it has a huge range in style. Featured on the album are covers of Earth and Fire's Hazy Paradise and Syd Barrett's Dominoes.

I got this album sometime in 2006 and couldn't quite get into it. However, this track came up on shuffle and was my entry point into the album and and Ghost's discography. Highly recommended!

Uc Hurel - Aglarsa Anam Aglar

From Austin, Texas to Turkey! While digging into psychedelic rock I came upon a great series of compilations, Love, Peace and Poetry. All the compilations are worth checking out, but Volume 9, Turkish Psychedelic Music is by far my favorite.

Love, Peace and Poetry - Turkish Psychedelic Music

While I certainly don't know a ton about Turkish rock from the 60s and 70s, this compilation certainly seems like a great intro to it.

Hip Hop fans that listen to this compilation may recognize the source of some Oh No samples, e.g. Heavy.

13th Floor Elevators - Dust

This track is from The 13th Floor Elevators 1967 album, Easter Everywhere. 13th Floor Elevators were one of the pioneers of psychedelic rock.

If you haven't heard of them before but you think this band sounds vaguely familiar, you could be remembering a song from High Fidelity.

13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me

More psych-rock coming tomorrow!