Twenty Sided Store

A retail store and event space that focuses on high quality Board Games, Role Playing Games, and Magic: The Gathering.

Magic Origins Prerelease

Sign up soon! Some times are already sold out!

Join us July 11th & 12th for Magic: the Gathering, Origins Prerelease.

Get inspired by the story! Be the first to crack those sweet new packs, and enjoy it all in the company of friends.

At Twenty Sided Store you get a convention style event with the personality of playing with friends in an inviting and welcoming community.

Since this marks Twenty Sided Store's 20th Prerelease we thought we would go all out!

Players who sign up for Saturday's Premium events will be gaming in style, experiencing a more spacious game play area, and will go home with a sweet limited edition 20ss swag bag.

Prerelease Regular Event

Sunday 7/12

You know it, you love it, sign up now!

  • New Online Pre-registration
  • Choose your Planeswalker when you sign up
  • 6 Origins Booster Packs
  • 1 seeded booster pack of your color
  • Promo Card
  • Raffle entry to win cool prizes
  • Commemorative button
  • Twenty Sided Store inspired side event
Prerelease Premium Event

Saturday 7/11

All NEW Premium Package for those that like to game in style!


The Juan MacLean - Running Back to You

Lauren was listening to KEXP the other day and this song came on. Somehow I have never heard of this group (or label for that matter- DFA?!) for some reason.

Very danceable if that's your thing. Highly recommended!

Games Galore

Summer is here and who wants to be cooped up inside when the sun is shining, picnic BBQs are hot, and the surf is up!

We have the perfect summer games to take along on any adventure.

Spot It!

This game comes in so many varieties. Gone Camping or On the Road are perfect for those long road trips with the family. Hipster Spot it is perfect with friends nostalgic for the days of boom boxes and fanny packs. All of these are packaged in a small round tin.

Spot It! Splash is perfect for the beach or the bar. The cards are water proof and they come in a little pouch that will fit in your back pocket.

This game is super easy to learn and can be played in short quick sessions. Everyone grabs a card and tries to be the first to shout out a matching image and be the first to grab the card from top of the center stack or another players hand. The person with the most cards at the end wins.

Table Tennis

Turn any table into a game of Table Tennis and grab some friends to challenge you in a ping pong match at it's finest. This portable net attaches to any table, comes with 2 paddles and 3 balls.

Zombie Dice

Too windy on your sail boat for cards? Don't fret we've got you covered with this perfect dice game.

You are a Zombie, you like to eat brains. Roll the dice, try not to get shot, and be the first to collect 13 brains.

Lauren and Luis

Lauren & Luis never thought they would find themselves owning and operating their own business, let alone the Best Game Shop in New York City.

In everything they do, Lauren & Luis are innovators and trendsetters. They have created an environment where everyone is accepted for who they are. If you are just stopping in to pick up a game, or wondered in off the street wondering what this place is, you are welcome to join in the fun with all the regulars at Twenty Sided Store.