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Creators & Designers. Meet the creators and designers that bring our passions to life. Creator & Designer Spotlights include socials, signings, demos, and workshops. 
Community Hang. Meet up with other people in the Twenty Sided community and geek out over your favorite games and hobbies. Each Community Hang spotlights a common theme or game. 

Game Demo + Signing | Make Yourself a Hero / Villain
w/ Nick Forker

SAT 4/20 @ 12p-4p
All Ages (14+), Family (one adult per 2 children)
Beginners Welcome! Demo / Workshop, Book Signing 

Make Yourself a Hero is a fun and fast character generator activity book. With a few rolls of the 20-sided die, you can quickly create whimsical heroes, and now...Villains! Come try your hand at swift and exciting character creation. No rules to learn, no prior experience required.

About Nick Forker
Artist and Educator Nick Forker has lived and worked in NYC for the past 20 years. They teach kids how to draw by centering play and serve the community by hosting classes free and open to the public.
IG: @nicholasforker

Potluck | Twenty Sided Celebrates 13 Years

SAT 4/20/2024 @ 12p-4p
All Ages, Family

Join the Twenty Sided community in celebration of 13 years of bringing people together! Meet new people, share your stories, and bring a dish. Theme is make-your-own tacos. Bring a filling to toss in a tortilla, a themed cocktail, or a side dish to nibble on. (vegan, vegetarian, meat options welcome!) 

Social | Blood on the Clocktower
Guided by Danger Mahoney

SAT 4/20/2024 @ 4p-7p
Check in at 3:45p
Adult (21+)
Beginner's Welcome! 

In the ominous setting of Ravenswood Bluff, every player assumes a distinctive role in Blood on the Clocktower. As the evil demon preys on the townsfolk, each participant brings their unique perspective to the game, adding layers of complexity to the thrilling social deduction experience as they work together to uncover the demon's true identity and prevent further tragedy. Come experience the greatest game ever made, with a master storyteller as your guide. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

About Danger Mahoney
Danger is a master storyteller of 'Blood on the Clocktower', whose skillful narration and keen sense of social deduction immerse players in thrilling mysteries, ensuring every game session is an unforgettable adventure of deception and revelation.

Workshop + Q&A | Terrain Making
w/ K.C. McGeorge (Dimension 20)

SAT 4/27/2024 @ 12p-3p
*Note our downstairs event space is accessible by a flight of stairs.

Adult (18+)
Beginners Welcome! Q&A, Demo / Workshop 

More details coming soon...!


Game Demo + Playtest | The Last Summit & Deadly Dinner Party
w/ John Hague

SAT 4/27 @ 12p-4p
All Ages (14+)
Beginners Welcome! Demo / Playtest 

In honor of Quill Gaming's first game, The Last Summit, appearing in the documentary The Hobby this month at SXSW, they'll be demoing this game of temptation and betrayal, along with their newest game, Deadly Dinner Party, where you try to slip some poison into your opponent's glass without doing harm to the queen as she makes a pass by your table.

About Quill Gaming
Quill Gaming is dedicated to making games unlike any you've played before, and evenings you'll be talking about weeks after you've laid down the final card.
IG: @quill_gaming