About Us

Twenty Sided Store is a Native American and Woman owned business.


Lauren, co-founder and owner of Twenty Sided Store, is a natural born storyteller. She didn’t know Dungeons & Dragons was a game until she was in her 20s, but she has been roleplaying her whole life. She has lived in the same building on the same block in Williamsburg since 1999. When she isn’t creating unique experiences, she is catching up with friends, reading sci-fi books, and making art. Outside the store, you can find her enjoying a cold brewed iced coffee in the back of The West Brooklyn, combing the racks at Beacon’s Closet for the perfect jumpsuit, or catching a date night movie at Nitehawk Cinema with her partner, Luis.

Luis is one of Twenty Sided Store's founders and owners. He hails from the desert southwest of Albuquerque, NM and has lived in NYC for the last 12 years after moving here on a whim. When Luis isn't doing Magic Pack 1 Pick 1s, he is probably listening to some long forgotten 80s thrash band or waxing poetically about New Mexico green chile. If you're in the neighborhood, definitely check out M Shanghai and get an order of Soup Dumplings! Also check out Book Thug Nation for a good recommendation on a used paperback (owned by a fellow RPG player and family friend).

Johnni is the Twenty Sided factotum, a chaotic baby-orc barbarian from Galt, California who has lived in New York for two years. She has a background in improv, film, theatre, and education. She can never decide if she likes Dungeons & Dragons or Kids on Bikes more, and her favorite board game is Just One. When she’s not joking with customers at Twenty Sided or running a game of D&D, she’s writing sketch comedy, watching trash television, and inventing new drinking games. She recommends a Whiskey Coke (with a cherry) from Full Circle Bar and some beef chow fun from Food Sing.


Arrow, best known from her appearance on our business cards, loves sunshine, peace and quiet, and sitting on Lauren’s hands while she is working. Originally small enough to fit into a shoebox, she now carries three cats worth of cat hair on her. 

Ayra is a multi-talented go-getter whose hobbies include playtime, watching humans eat, more playtime, sneak attacks, more playtime, sitting in boxes, and also more playtime, please human wave the stick.  

Charlie is an avid traveller and some of his favorite haunts include: the sunny window, the wrong litter box for a suspiciously long amount of time, the kitchen sink at 3 in the morning for some reason, and the entirety of his human’s queen bed.