About Us

Twenty Sided™ is a Native and Woman owned business supported by an amazing team with magical familiars.

Lauren Bilanko

Lauren, co-founder and owner of Twenty Sided Store, is a natural born Storyteller. She didn’t know Dungeons & Dragons was a game until she was in her 20s, but she has been roleplaying her whole life. She has lived in the same building on the same block in Williamsburg since 1999. When she isn’t creating unique experiences, she is catching up with friends, reading sci-fi books, and making art. Outside the store, you can find her enjoying a cold brewed iced coffee in the back of The West Brooklyn, combing the racks at Beacon’s Closet for the perfect jumpsuit, or catching a date night movie at Nitehawk Cinema with her partner, Luis.

Arrow the Cat

Arrow, best known from her appearance on our business cards, loves sunshine, peace and quiet, and sitting on Lauren’s hands while she is working. Originally small enough to fit into a shoebox, she now carries three cats worth of cat hair on her. 

Luis Chato

Luis is one of Twenty Sided's founders and owners. He hails from the desert southwest of Albuquerque, NM and has lived in NYC for the last 14 years after moving here on a whim. When Luis isn't doing Magic Pack 1 Pick 1s, he is probably listening to some long forgotten 80s thrash band or waxing poetically about New Mexico green chile. If you're in the neighborhood, definitely check out M Shanghai and get an order of Soup Dumplings! Also check out Book Thug Nation and Human Relations for a good recommendation on a used paperback (owned by a fellow RPG player and family friend).

Arya the Cat

Ayra is a multi-talented go-getter whose hobbies include playtime, watching humans eat, more playtime, sneak attacks, more playtime, sitting in boxes, and also more playtime, please human wave the stick.

Morgan Beetham

Morgan, originally from the part of Ohio even Ohioans haven't heard of, has lived in Brooklyn for the last 17 years. She is an accomplished dungeon master, Unity game developer, zombie deck enthusiast, Fleetwood Mac evangelist, bulldog wrangler, and, according to Buzzfeed, a neutral good hedge witch. Morgan's favorite board game is Mall Madness-- a classic of classics-- but her favorite game we sell in the store is Lords of Waterdeep. She holds a BFA in Theatre (Meisner) from The Ohio State University, which she occasionally makes excellent use of on Twitch at Manapot Studios Happy Hour and 20sidedTV.

Mabel the Dog

Mabel plays as a magic-using clown/bard, equally likely to perform gravity-defying acrobatics or cast charm on the nearest human brandishing snacks. She is an independent, vocal lady who has lots to say, especially as the dinner hour draws near.

Alex Weeks

Alex grew up in Oregon and has just recently made his way East to New York from LA. He studied acting at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. He is a Voice Actor and has a studio in his small apartment in Harlem. On any given day you can find Alex watching his favorite cartoons (like Adventure Time), hosting board game nights, or pretending to be warriors, wizards, and cute little animals in roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons with his best friends in the world for literal hours. A storyteller at heart, Alex loves games where you get to lose yourself in the narrative fiction. Though it changes day-to-day Alex's favorite game is Obscurio...or Wanderhome...uh Avatar Legends? Regardless of his favorite game Alex has made a home here at Twenty Sided and loves that everyday he gets to Guide games for all of you!

Bonnie Bubblegum

Bonnibel Bubblegum (Bonnie for short) is named after Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. She is a skittish scaredy-cat who will happily leap from danger directly into your arms, Scooby-Doo style. When not braving danger Bonnie can be found cuddling up to her humans or sitting on her favorite avocado pillow, Juan. Being a Princess she knows she is deserving of pets and will physically move your hand onto her head and stare at you until you follow through with her edict.

Mickey Ryan

Mickey is a 20sider based out of Brooklyn. Lover of all things dorkery, Mickey’s been gaming since he was unleashed onto the mean streets of New Jersey as a youngin’. When he’s not slingin’ spells or rolling dice, you can probably find Mickey playing Hive outside at Grimm's taproom, or catching a flick and a snack over at Nitehawk!


Leo is a wild child originally from South Korea. He made the long flight to the Big City at a young age, and has been venturing the streets of Brooklyn ever since. Hardly ever without a smile slapped on his face, you can catch a glimpse of his tail whip in action playing at Cooper Park, or heading to Muddy Paws to grab a snack after hanging outside at the Richardson.


Sarah Trautman

Sarah is a New York born artist who bounced around the world before finding their way back to Brooklyn where they hope to finally settle down (at least for a while). They enjoy being outdoors and have a great distaste for weather under 60 degrees. If they're not at the store recommending Rummikub to anyone who will listen, you'll find them biking around Prospect Park listening to Dua Lipa. Sarah helps host Magic the Gathering events at Twenty Sided and will happily discuss the best way to get more goblins or dinosaurs into your deck.


Six the Cat

Six the cat is an 18-year old 24-toed menace. His favorite activities are sitting in places he's not allowed, stealing chicken bones from the trash, and yelling as loud as he can. Six loves being picked up and will quiet down for a while if you give his ears a good scritching. Despite the stereotype, this cuddly black cat has brought his human nothing but good luck.