Spotlight July 2024 | Taxi Gab

Spotlight July 2024 | Taxi Gab

For Summer in the City this July, we sat down to play a new party game made by New Yorkers for New Yorkers called Taxi Gab. It was first introduced to Twenty Sided when the designer came by in person to drop off a demo copy for us to check out. We couldn’t stop playing it, we found ourselves drawing card after card, reading off questions, and roping everyone who came into the store into the conversation.

Q: If you could make New York taxis one color other than yellow, what would it be?
“Pink” -Morgan
“Rainbow” -Alex
“Yellow is too good” -Sarah

The main deck has tons of classic questions featuring a New York spin like, “would you rather…?”, “what’s your favorite…?”, “most overrated…?”, “F*ck / Marry / Kill?” that genuinely start interesting conversations amongst people who just moved to the city or have been here their whole life. The smaller deck of cards drawn at the end of the game contain questions specifically about the conversations developed through play. For us, this made the game more personal and deepened our connections with one another.

Q: Which social faux pas are you most likely to commit in New York?
“Bumping into somebody on the sidewalk because you are looking at your phone.” -Alex
“Holding up traffic by crossing the street as the light is changing – wait on us, we’re pedestrians!!” -Morgan and Sarah

The questions that came up during our staff game night were provocative and felt like something we’ve all probably discussed at a party at one point or another in New York. With so many pizza places in Brooklyn, we did have a lengthy discussion about who has the best slice in the city. L’industrie was up there, as well as Sal’s – a neighborhood classic. Want to know how to get a New Yorker to tell you what they really think? Definitely ask “What’s the best slice in NY”!

Q: If you could only live in New York for one decade of your life, which would you choose?
Thirties -Sarah
Twenties -Morgan
Now -Alex

If you want a niche New York conversation starter game to kick off your Summer in the City, Taxi Gab is for you. We will definitely be bringing it to our next backyard barbecue, rooftop gathering, and botanical garden getaway.

Q: What is New York City’s Achilles’ heel (i.e. what will ultimately do the city in)?
Everyone in unison: RENT! (The one thing we could all agree on.)

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