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Transfers, cancellations, or any other changes must be made 48 hours prior to event to receive a credit for a future event. Refunds will not be provided.

Adventurers Wanted!

Join us for SideQuest Saturdays & Sundays – a series of roleplaying adventures guided by Twenty Sided's amazing team of storytellers.

Beginners welcome!

Character Creation is part of each event.

All materials will be provided – we welcome you to bring your own as well.

*Please note that our downstairs event space is accessible by a flight of stairs. 

A Wood Heart
w/ Alex Weeks

SAT 4/13 – Check in @ 3:45p, Starts at 4p-7p

At the center of the forest is a Wood Heart. It has always been there; it is what gave the forest life. As a spirit of the forest you go to the Heart to tell your stories and to share your secrets. As long as there is a Wood Heart, the forest will stand and the spirits will have a home. Today you return to the Heart with terrifying news: smoke rises above the canopy as metal teeth eat the trees. Humans have come to your home and they quickly approach the Heart.

Daggerheart Playtest

SUN 4/14 & SUN 4/21 – Check in @ 3:45p, Starts at 4p-7p

Come playtest Darrington Press' new fantasy tabletop roleplaying game of brave heroics and vibrant worlds– Daggerheart!

Ultraviolet Grasslands (UVG) | A Trip to the Near Moon
w/ Mickey Ryan

SAT 4/27 – Check in @ 3:45p, Starts at 4p-7p

This story begins at the edge of the world, at the Left End of the Right Road. The Violet City : bastion against the hordes, and last port of of civilization before the skin-blistering glow of the Ultraviolet Grasslands. You'll have someone expecting you down by the Near Moon - that little blip on the horizon there. Some say we made it, and that's where they've been shipping all the ne'er-do-wells, but no one outside a full regiment's made the return voyage yet. So what do you say, you want to make a run?

About the Guides

Alex Weeks (he/him)
Hi! My name is Alex Weeks. I am a voice actor based out of my small apartment in New York. I have a deep love for games of all kinds, and have been guiding Roleplaying games for just over a decade now. I'm thrilled to have you join my table - let's have some fun!
Instagram: @alex_c_weeks

Mickey Ryan (he/him) is based out of Brooklyn. Lover of all things dorkery, Mickey’s been roleplaying and gaming since he was unleashed onto the mean streets of New Jersey as a youngin’. When he’s not slingin’ spells you can probably find Mickey walking his furry faithful companion Leo, or furiously debating which pasta shape is best (the one in your bowl).