Dungeon Master Appreciation Month

February is Dungeon Master Appreciation Month!

For the shortest month of the year, February is packed full of amazing celebrations! Join us for Dungeon Master Appreciation Month and spread the love all month long!

Dungeon Masters are often the unsung heroes of gaming. Year round they spend time, energy, and money prepping sessions, running games, and buying gaming supplements to bring joy into the lives of their fellow players. So DM Appreciation Month was created to give back to these creative, giving individuals!

Twenty Sided Store loves DMs and we want to help you spread the love to yours. Below you’ll find great ways to surprise your Dungeon Master and spoil them silly with some of our favorite products.

DM Appreciation

Grand Gestures for Grand DMs

Many DMs don’t often get to enjoy the game from the other side, give the gift of being a player!

Play at Twenty Sided! Every Saturday at 1p through March, we will be hosting D&D One Shots - sign up now! Or run a one shot! Never DMed? Attend our Learn to DM event on February 8th at 6p!

Smoke Mountain Lodge

Small Gestures for the Whole Party

Take turns preparing homemade meals for each session this month and take a few minutes to share your favorite moments from the campaign.


Get Creative

Create a campaign soundtrack. Draw a portrait of your adventuring party. Fashion a crown and goblet for your Master Dungeon Master. Or just treat your DM to a Twenty Sided Mini Painting event on Tuesdays at 7p.

Spoil them Silly

DM Screen

D&D 5e Alternate Art Core Rule Books + DM Screen by Hydro74

Get the full D&D 5e Core Rules Gift Set with art by Hydro74. All of the original contents remain the same, plus updated errata, fitted slipcase, and all new cover art to inspire a new love for the game.

Cantrip Candles

Cantrip Candles

Set the mood with Cantrip Candles! Invoke the scents of Dungeon Depths, or let the smells of the Blackhound Tavern lead the night!

Handmade Custom Twenty Sided Dice Bags

Handmade Custom Twenty Sided Dice Bags

A DM can never have too much dice and we never judge since most of us at Twenty Sided are obsessed with dice ourselves. For the dice-addicted DM in your life, we have designed the perfect accessory - custom dice bags. Check out our Embroidered Twenty Sided Logo Dice Bag and the assorted colors and patterns of our Handmade Linen Dice Bags.

Mini Booster Boxes

Mini Booster Boxes

Contribute to your DM's army of miniatures with a Mini Booster Box! These boxes come with three small or medium figures, and one large. Monsters and heroes are mixed in, so your DM can easily throw them into any campaign!

Twenty Sided Dice Boxes

Boxes and Tins

Between minis, spell cards, dice, and more, there’s a lot to keep track of. We have a variety of beautiful wooden boxes with carved and printed designs so your DM can store their treasured tools. Check out our wood stacking tin for more compact, interlocking metal compartments.

Twenty Sided DM Binder

Twenty Sided DM Binder

Help your DM stay organized with a Twenty Sided Store DM Binder. Complete with a three hole punch pencil holder and binder sleeves, your DM will be able to keep their maps, sheets, notes, and cards together.


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Written by Johnni Medina
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