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The last Game of Thrones Sunday has come and gone. For better or for worse, the fate of Westeros has been decided and the Song of Ice and Fire has been sung. As its final notes reverberate through heated arguments in bars and dank memes on forums online, the time has come to reflect upon all that has occurred in this final season.

As part of the show’s post mortem, we’ve compiled the results of the Twenty Sided Death Pool!


Built upon a thousand predictions and theories... we have one lucky winner who sits upon the Twenty Sided Throne and has been awarded the Game of Thrones Board GameWe also have some sweet swag for the top finalists and a discount codes for all participants. An email will be sent out to each participant with more details.



Obviously, there will be plenty of spoilers, so go no further if you have yet to finish the series!












So, we finally know, the White Walkers conquer Kings Landing and take out all of Westeros. All the Starks are dead. The few who survived decided to put their differences aside and escape to Essos. Cersei and Daenerys, pregnant together, vow to protect each other and rule independently as allies. Daenerys dies giving birth and her child… Robin Targaryen-Arryn... assassinates Cersei believing she was responsible.



The Night King was defeated, Bran elected King, and the Wheel Broken. Regardless of how you feel about the finale, everyone can agree that it was a wild, unpredictable ride.



165 participants

53 possible points

1 point awarded for each question Dead or Alive, w/ 2 points for Who Killed the Night King, and 4 points for Who sits on the Iron Throne.


1st Place – August L. 38/53

TIE for 2nd Place – Matt G. 36/53Nell C. 36/53

3rd Place – John M. 35/53

4th Place – Evren G. 34/53

Inside the Citadel

  • 131 people thought that Grey Worm would die.
  • 125 people thought the Daenerys was pregnant.
  • 64 people thought Jon Snow would kill the Night King.
  • Only 5 people thought Bran would sit on the Throne, 22 said No One (we awarded points for both answers).
  • 50 people thought Daenerys would sit on the Throne.
  • 93 predicted Drogon and 84 predicted Ghost would live.
  • 128 thought Lyanna Mormont would live...R.I.P. Giant Slayer!


Dead or Alive

Out of 7447 possible answers...

  • 1209 answered Dead, White Walker
  • 2927 answered Dead (Human, Dragon, Dire Wolf)
  • 3311 answered Alive


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