Star Wars May the 4th Be With You

May the 4th Be with You (a day late..)

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May the 4th Be With You

May the 4th be with You (a day late..)

Every year we celebrate the expansive genre of science fiction on May the 4th. Science fiction explores our ability to overcome challenges and bravely face into the unknown, utilizing scientific understanding, ingenuity, and a sense of the greater good to not only survive, but to thrive together. These lessons are more important than ever.

Explore the wide a variety of science fiction games! From small, simple games like Zogen, to deep strategic games like Scythe; from strategic card games like Keyforge to immersive roleplaying games like the local game Offworlders

Check out our full selection in our Staff Picks! If you can’t find the right game, you can always use our live chat feature on our website for game recommendations and join our Discord to geek out over games with the Twenty Sided Community!

Shipping Available!

Thanks so much to everyone who has already been placing orders! We got our shipping up a week early and are sending out orders now. We are slowing getting restocks from those open like Die Hard Dice and New York Puzzle Co.

Order Online, Pick Up In-store

Pick up days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 12pm - 5pm. 
Yawn w/ John Emoji by Lauren Bilanko

Virtual Events & 20sidedTV

We got some amazing feedback from everyone and have been putting together a pretty insane list of events and shows we are super excited about.

Johnni and Lauren are juggling everything from digital tech to lighting, to content creation, as well as staring and hosting... so that being said, we will be rolling out stuff slowly, introducing a couple new things each week.

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The Future is Near


Twitch schedule coming soon...

Yawn w/ John

Wake up with Johnni and start your week off with a bit of improvisational humor.

Fantomas Dojo

Practice martial arts and meditation with Lauren to keep the body flowing and the mind clear.

Worldbuilding Mira

Join Lauren and Johnni for weekly worldbuilding sessions and get a behind the scenes look into building the immersive, interactive world of Mira.

Mini Paint n' Sip

Relax and unwind. Grab a drink and paint along with Lauren as we discuss and gossip about life and the universe.

Other Shows in development...

We got a huge demand for D.I.Y shows so I will be testing out a bunch of ideas for this like make your own dice bag, book binding, game organization solutions... let us know on Discord if you have something you want to learn how to do... I'm sure Lauren can figure it out. Live play of games also in the works... we have some really great ideas we have been tossing around and can't wait to share!

Virtual Events

Registration and details coming soon... 

D&D 5e Side Quest

3 hour session
A Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in the World of Mira. Each adventure is a custom written stand alone adventure that can be combined with other adventures for a campaign feel.

D&D 5e Character Creation

1 hour session 
Whether you just love to build characters or you are joining us for the first time, we will walk you through every detail and introduce you to new custom races for playing in our D&D Side Quest adventures.

Story Improv

Two 1 hour sessions
Johnni has broken up this class into two separate workshops Improv Theory and Improv Character. Learn how improv works and then put the theories into practice to improve your skills as a Dungeon Master, a roleplayer, and (hopefully) a person! 

Other Events...

We also have a huge demand for Board Game Events and MTG events. We have been throwing around a bunch of ideas... for sure Party Game Nights and  I'd like to test out Mansions of Madness... some of these games may require participants to own a copy of the game... so anyway there is still some details we need to sort out, but stay tuned!


Reverie Deck Sneek Peek

Concept Art for Mira Reverie Deck by Madeline Courtney


Concept Art for the Mira Reverie Deck by Madeline Courtney

The fabulous Mythic Mattie has been hard at work bringing the Mira Reverie Deck to life!

Avon is one of the twin suns that illuminate and give life to the planet of Mira. Avon represents humanity, femininity, ingenuity, and synergy. She is represented in cards 1 Innovation, 12 Strength, 16 Presentation, and 27 Collaboration. 

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