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Press Release | December

Every month, Tune in Today’s Monthly Press Release will list new arrivals, back in stock items, preorders, and some of our most anticipated events!

Before we know it, 2019 will melt into a new decade amidst the cold of falling snow and the warmth of holiday cheer. As we begin to look forward to the new year, December invites us to look back and reflect on all of our experiences. 

For us, this year has seen the launch of Twenty Sided Adventures, the introduction of new classes and events, an expanded retail space, new games, new friends, and more! We will delve into some of those new games and new events in this issue!

Also look out for a sneak peek into upcoming Twenty Sided original creative content including new adventures, game reviews, spotlight interviews, and exclusive experiences such as our Holiday Murder Mysteries!

Hot off the Press

Staff Picks Games of Gratitude : Cooperative Games

Keep an eye out for our Special Promotions blog detailing all of our exciting sales and deals for the 8th Annual Black Friday Weekend Sale happening at the end of November!

Check out our Gifts of Gratitude Staff Picks blog, covering our staff’s favorite cooperative games, perfect for Thanksgiving and other gatherings!

Explore our custom world Mira and the history of Twenty Sided Adventures! 

As always, keep an eye on Tune In Today for December’s blogs, covering our Staff Picks for the year, out 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide, and an invitation to hear from you about your favorite games!


This Month in Games

New Arrivals

Every week we expand our carefully curated selection of games. Check out the newest arrivals and find a new favorite!



Board and Card Games

Whozit? | Line up the suspects and rate the validity of clues offered to guess the perpetrator! A silly party game less about picking the right person than picking the right clues.

Scrabble Tile Lock | Upgrade your games of Scrabble with an improved gameboard that locks tiles into place. 

Clue Dungeons & Dragons | Someone in your party has been replaced killed and replaced by a devil! Find where the missing puzzle box has gone, how your friend was killed, and who is secretly a devil.

Dune | The classic game based on the iconic book has been updated and reissued! Control a noble family and take over the spice trade, for “...who controls the spice controls the universe.”

Monopoly The Simpsons | The classic game of Monopoly goes yellow! Play as your favorite Simpsons characters and collect landmarks from the city of Springfield!

Marvel Champions LCG | Collect cards and work together to defeat super villains! As a Living Card Game, expect regular releases to expand the game and story!

Arkham Horror Final Hour | A cooperative game set in the Arkham Horror universe! You’ll only have one hour to fight off swarming Lovecraftian monsters! 

Tapestry  | Built a civilization by investing through four different advancement tracks. This asymmetric game lets you decide how you would build a kingdom. 

Lift Off | Build a space agency and travel the universe in this strategy game for 2 to 4 players!

Catan Starfarers | Play Catan among the stars! A reissue of the original Starfarers of Catan, this game perfectly merges space exploration and the gameplay of Catan.

Keyforge Worlds Collide | Continue your games of Keyforge with new factions and new cards. Learn to play this Unique Deck Game at our new Keyforge Casual event

Rick and Morty the Morty Zone | An easy to learn dice game based on the first episode of the newest season of Ricky and Morty!

Death Eaters Rising | In this cooperative game, you and your friends will call upon your allies to stop Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters from capturing Hogwarts!

Embers of Memory | This 2 player storytelling game based on a best selling book series and upcoming tv show has players working together to look through the memories of a struggling young Queen.

Wordsmith | A fast-paced word game where players build words simultaneously. Wordsmith also offers solo and advanced gameplay.

Mandala | In this 2 player tactical game, you will compete to construct and destroy mandalas to score points!

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game | Assemble your team of superheroes and lead them into battle in this 2 player miniatures game!

Munchkin DuckTales | Play the classic game of Munchkin with a twist that will have you quacking up. 

Simpsons Codenames | Play the game of Codenames with the familiar faces of Springfield, in this fun game of teamwork and cooperation!


Companion's Tale

Roleplaying Games

Companion's Tale | A mapmaking RPG about who controls how history is retold. What the hero accomplishes is secondary to the stories her companions tell of her deeds. 

Dream Askew / Dream Apart | Two roleplaying games in one, each about groups of marginalized groups, each tackling the theme of identity in a society that rejects you. Additionally, this book gives you a guide to create your own setting to further explore these themes.

Tyranny of Dragons | This alternate art cover binds together the adventures Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat for the first time! 

Offworlders | Play as freelance explorers, adventuring through space to find lucrative work! 

D&D Eberron : Rising from the Last War | Explore the industrial city of Eberron with the newest setting released for Dungeons and Dragons! Pick up a copy of the alternate art cover while supplies last.

Dungeons & Dragons VS Rick and Morty | Dungeons and Dragons with a side of szechuan sauce. Contend with mad scientists, dysfunctional families, and more in this set that gives you everything you need to start playing a game of D&D!


D&D Holiday Stockings

Holiday Helpers!

We are your One-Stop-Shop for game-themed giving!

Gaming Patches | These colorful iron-on patches are great gifts for gamers!

D&D Stockings | Rep’ your Dungeons and Dragons pride with these colorful stockings bearing D&D themed slogans!

Christmas Puzzles | Get into the Christmas spirit with these idyllic winter scenes!

Stocking Stuffer Puzzles | These affordable 200-piece puzzles are perfect for small gifts and stocking stuffers!

Throne of Eldraine Gift Bundle | Not sure what to get the Magic the Gathering player in your life? This bundle is a perfect gift for new to expert players!


Back in Stock

Did you miss them? We work to ensure your favorite games are never out of stock for too long! Below are games you might have missed but we have restocked so you can enjoy them.

Superfight | Create crazy fighting combinations and vote to see which one will win! Similar to Cards Against Humanity!

Ravine | You have crash-landed in the middle of nowhere! You’ll have to work together to keep your sanity, let alone… your life!

Someone Has Died | You’re trying to win the deceased’s estate - but really, it’s about the laughs you’ll have playing wacky characters!

Eurographics Puzzles | Puzzles galore! Enjoy puzzles featuring Fine Art masterpieces, landscapes, and Christmas scenes!


Root : Underworld Expansion


Good things come to those who wait… and plan ahead with a preorder!

Root Expansion : The Underworld | Add new factions and new maps to your games of Root : A Game of Woodland Might!

Join in the Fun

Save the Date! Retail Holiday Events

Black Friday Weekend Sale

Black Friday Weekend

Black Friday is almost upon us! We are offering great sales, helpful gift recommendations, and fun freebies from Friday 11/29 through Cyber Monday 12/1! Keep an eye out for more details regarding our sales!

Holiday Bazaar

Join us for our Holiday Bazaar in the days leading up to Christmas! Starting December 17th and stretching until Christmas Eve you can visit us, enjoy a warm drink, ask for recommendations from our expert staff, and enjoy a Reverie tarot reading while your gifts are being wrapped for free! We will help make that last push for gift shopping fun and relaxing!


Murder Mystery Party at Twenty Sided Store

Murder Mysteries

Missed out on our Halloween Murder Mystery? Fear not - the mystery continues this December! Join the ranks of Blackbottom elite and witness the unveiling of the latest masterpiece - but be careful, politics in this town are deadly. 

These Murder Mysteries are immersive events in which you will play a character and a role, using secrets and rumors to decide whether or not your hostess deserves a toxic dose of poison or a healing antidote. The mystery is in your hands!

We don’t want to give too much away so come play to experience the thrilling climax. You do not need to have any roleplaying experience or experience in our world to play! If you’d like an introduction to the world, stop by for a free Reverie deck reading during our Holiday Bazaar and pick up a free Blackbottom Welcome Guide.


Twenty Sided Store Runner Quest

Runner Quest Adventures

Each beautifully illustrated Runner Quest map starts adventurers off at one end of a map and continues to the other end as they overcome challenges. Every adventure is custom written, every story is unique, and every outcome will depend on your actions. Gather your friends and go on an adventure!

The Giftmaker’s Workshop @ Nitehawk

WED 12/11  @ 7p - 9p



Painted gunslinger miniature

Classes & Seminars

We offer a host of classes and seminars that will cultivate your confidence and expand your skills as a storyteller! Our classes are beginner friendly and a great way to meet people. 


Class | Mini Painting

Tuesdays 11/19 - 12/10 @ 7p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko 

Learn the three basic techniques of painting, explore advanced techniques, make friends, and paint your miniatures! This relaxing, sociable class will help you finish painting your gaming pieces while meeting cool new people. 

Seminar | Learn to DM

Sat 12/7 @ 6p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko

Step behind the screen and demystify the techniques of running a roleplaying game. Currently cultivated to help DM’s run games in fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons, this seminar will cover everything from building confidence, party management, adventure structure, and more! 

Class | Story Improv

SAT 12/14 @ 6p

Guided by Johnni Medina

Get on your feet and get goofy! A great deep dive into roleplaying, Story Improv is a collection of games and activities aimed at growing confidence, listening to your instincts, building memorable characters, and sharing a scene. No improv ability or roleplaying experience is needed in this small, but lively, class.


Twenty Sided Adventure guided by Lauren Bilanko

Twenty Sided Adventures 

Blackbottom Side Quests

Thursdays @ 7p, Saturdays @ 1p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko and Johnni Medina

Explore the exciting coastal city of Blackbottom! 

As we go into our busy holiday season, we are bringing you bite-sized adventures set in the custom world of Mira that you can only experience at Twenty Sided Store. Take a tour of new and unexplored locations in Blackbottom, and find out what happened to your favorite characters after the aftermath of "Greyfang" and "The Nautili Isles."  Create your character at the table using our custom backgrounds and character creation process to play truly unique characters in a story you help craft! Beginners are welcome!



Hand holds up Keyforge Cards

Introducing... Keyforge Casual!

Wednesdays 11/20 - 12/11 @ 7p

Guided by Madeline Courtney

Keyforge fans, we have heard you! Join us on Wednesdays to play casual games of the world's first unique deck game. Learn to play, open new decks, and get to know other players!



Magic the Gathering players at Twenty Sided event

Magic the Gathering Events

Play the most popular collectible card game in the world! Learn to play, compete in tournaments, and make new friends!

Casual Sealed

Wednesdays 11/20 - 12/11 @ 7p

Guided by Madeline Courtney

The best event for new and returning Magic players, Casual Sealed is a more relaxed format aimed at meeting people, opening packs, and having a fun, relaxing night. Buy 6 packs and build, or learn to build, a deck and then play in a casual round against other players.

Draft | Core Set 2020

FNM Fridays 12/6 & 12/13 @ 7p

Sunday 12/8 & 12/15 @ 5p

Guided by Luis Chato

Challenge yourself and build a deck on the fly! You and the other players will pull or “draft” cards from booster packs, build a deck, and then compete in 3 50-minute rounds! Collect new cards, win prizes, and enjoy a night of Magic!

Casual Commander

Sunday 12/8 & 12/15 @ 1p

Guided by Luis Chato

Send your Commander into battle! Commander is a multi-player format consisting of a 100-card deck led by a Commander, a legendary creature, that dictates the color of your deck. In our Casual Commander event, we will randomly seat Commander games. After the first game concludes, hang out for casual play!

Until Next Year

Check in next year for new games, new blogs, new events, and new memories!

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