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Press Release | January

Every month, Tune in Today’s Monthly Press Release will list new arrivals, back in stock items, preorders, and some of our most anticipated events!

Resolution : noun. the quality of being determined or resolute

Whether your holidays were full of sun or full of storms, 2020 brings the opportunity to start fresh and continue to thrive! With the new year comes New Resolutions, and with new resolutions come change. 

Catch some of our 2020 resolutions and changes in this issue! Check out our new schedule and get a sneak peak into upcoming events, such as our Theros Beyond Death Prerelease!


Open 12-8:30pm

New Hours

With the new year comes new hours! Stop by seven days a week to get expert advice, check out new arrivals, and meet new people between the hours of 12 and 8:30 p.m!

Our event schedule has also changed! Review our calendar or read below to see the new, updated schedule for our D&D events, classes, Magic tournaments, and more.



Good things come to those who wait… and plan ahead with a preorder!

Theros Beyond Death booster box

Theros Beyond Death

Get excited about the newest Magic the Gathering release and sign up to make sure you get your Theros Beyond Death boosters and your Buy-A-Box promo card while supplies last!

Booster Box | Dive into Theros Beyond Death with 36 boosters! 

Bundle | A favored Magic product, this bundle will hook you up with 10 boosters, a collector’s box, a spindown die, a promo card, 1 basic land brick, and 1 foil land brick!

Collector’s Booster Box | These higher valued cards are incredibly limited edition - preorder your box today before they are all gone!

Join in the Fun

Magic the Gathering Prerelease Event at Twenty Sided Store

Save the Date!

Theros Beyond Death Prerelease Weekend

Psyched for the newest Magic the Gathering release? Looking to jump into the hobby? Prerelease is the weekend for you!

Our prerelease events are aimed at introducing you to the new cards and mechanics of the latest sets, picking up preorders, meeting like-minded people, and having fun!

Cost of entry provides you with a Prerelease Pack and a seat at the table to play a game of Sealed! Or, grab a partner to play Two Headed Giant on Sunday! Play once or hang out with us all weekend! The full schedule is listed below. 

Join us Friday 1/17 through Sunday 1/19!


Afternoon Sealed - FRI 1/17 @ 3p - 7p

Evening Sealed - FRI 1/17 @ 7:30p - 11:30p


Morning Sealed - SAT 1/18 @ 9a - 1p

Afternoon Sealed - SAT 1/18 @ 1:30p - 5:30p

Evening Sealed - SAT 1/18 @ 6p - 10p


Afternoon Sealed Two Headed Giant - SUN 1/19 @ 12:30p - 4:30p 

Evening Sealed - SUN 1/19 @ 5p - 9p


Mini Painting Seminar with Lauren Bilanko at Twenty Sided Store

Classes & Seminars 

Our Classes and Seminars are great for those at any experience level looking to spend a relaxing evening out with friends meeting new people. In each course you will find creative inspiration and gain new skills and practice techniques that will last a lifetime. All of our classes are small, allowing for dedicated personal attention from our instructors.

NEW Time Slots for Classes and Seminars!

We have added extra timeslots for all of our classes and seminars! Now attend our classes at either 5pm or 7pm. Our 7pm classes are adults only, aimed at helping you meet new friends and like-minded people!

Class | Learn to Play D&D 5e

MON 1/6 

All Ages @ 5p

Adult @ 7p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko

Learn the basics of the newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons and make a character! This introduction to D&D will cover everything from building characters, casting spells, engaging in combat, and all of the roleplay in between! You will leave this class with a fully playable first level D&D character and all of the tools to jump into a game! 

Class | Story Improv

MON 1/13 

All Ages @ 5p

Adult @ 7p

Guided by Johnni Medina

Get on your feet and get goofy! A great deep dive into roleplaying, Story Improv is a collection of games and activities aimed at growing confidence, listening to your instincts, building memorable characters, and sharing a scene. No improv ability or roleplaying experience is needed in this small, but lively, class.

Seminar | Learn to DM

MON 1/20 

All Ages @ 5p

Adult @ 7p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko

Step behind the screen and demystify the techniques of running a roleplaying game. Currently cultivated to help DM’s run games in fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons, this seminar will  cover everything from building confidence, party management, adventure structure, and more! 

Seminar | Adventure Writing

MON 1/27 

All Ages @ 5p

Adult @ 7p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko

Create unique adventures for your roleplaying games! This class will introduce you to storytelling for collaborative roleplaying games, crafting well organized adventure modules, and even more!


Class | Mini Painting


All Ages @ 5p

Adult @ 7p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko 

Learn the three basic techniques of painting, explore advanced techniques, make friends, and paint your miniatures! This relaxing, sociable class will help you finish painting your gaming pieces while meeting cool new people. 


Twenty Sided Adventures 

Johnni Medina guides a Twenty Sided Adventure

Blackbottom Side Quests

Thursdays @ 7p

SAT 1/11 & 1/25 @ 1p

Guided by Team DM  

Explore the world of Mira

In our Side Quests, we will help you build a character with our unique character creation process, using backgrounds and features custom to Mira! Starting at level 0, you will explore different parts of the city of Blackbottom, meet allies and adversaries, acquire interesting items, and grow as a character.

Will you try to steal a newly acquired Luertola skeleton from Blackbottom University? Or are you fighting to become champion of the Fighting Pits? The possibilities are endless.

In January, we will be celebrating the mechanics, features, and tone of the newest D&D release, Eberron. What’s more, the Mira we will explore will be inspired by the sci-fi world of Blade Runner!

No experience with D&D, Eberron, or Blade Runner required to play!


Keyforge Cards


Keyforge Casual

Wednesdays @ 7p

Guided by Madeline Courtney

Join us on Wednesdays to play casual games of the world's first unique deck game. Learn to play, open new decks, and get to know other players!



Magic the Gathering Booster Packs: Throne of Eldraine, Shadows over Innistrad, Khans of Tarkir

Magic the Gathering Events

Play the most popular collectible card game in the world! Learn to play, compete in tournaments, and make new friends!

Casual Sealed

Wednesdays @ 7p

Guided by Madeline Courtney

The best event for new and returning Magic players, Casual Sealed is a more relaxed format aimed at meeting people, opening packs, and having a fun, relaxing night. Buy 6 packs and build, or learn to build, a deck and then play in a casual round against other players.

Draft | Throne of Eldraine

FRI 1/10 @ 7p

SUN 1/5 & 1/12 @ 5p

Guided by Luis Chato

Challenge yourself and build a deck on the fly! You and the other players will pull or “draft” cards from booster packs, build a deck, and then compete in 3 50-minute rounds! Collect new cards, win prizes, and enjoy a night of Magic!

Draft | Theros Beyond Death 

FRI 1/24 & 1/31 @ 7p

SUN 1/26 @ 5p

Guided by Luis Chato

Same great event - brand new Magic set! Explore the new cards and mechanics of Theros Beyond Death during draft night! 

Casual Commander

Sunday 1/5, 1/12 & 1/26 @ 12:30p

Guided by Luis Chato

Send your Commander into battle! Commander is a multi-player format consisting of a 100-card deck led by a Commander, a legendary creature, that dictates the color of your deck. In our Casual Commander event, we will randomly seat Commander games. After the first game concludes, hang out for casual play!


Sunday 1/5, 1/12 & 1/26 @ 1p

Guided by Luis Chato

To ring in the new year, we are introducing the Pioneer format to our event schedule! This nonrotating game is played in 3 50-minute rounds and allows for more sets than Standard! Be sure to check the event page for legal cards and sets. 



Until Next Month

Check in next month for new games, new blogs, new events, and new memories!

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