May the Fourth Be With You!

Review | May the Fourth Be With You!

May the Fourth Be With You!

A long time ago… ( or rather, 1977) 
In a galaxy far, far away… (you know, Hollywood)

Star Wars was born! Ever since Luke learned the ways of The Force, fans have been hooked! This fervor spread, inspiring all forms of tribute. Prequels, sequels, TV shows, fan gear, LEGO sets and, our favorite… GAMES!

We carry a Jabba-sized collection of board games, roleplaying games, and accessories centered around the characters, themes, and settings of the Star Wars franchise! To celebrate May the 4th, we want to share...

Star Wars Board Games



In the X-Wing games, you get to jump into the cockpit of the most iconic Star Wars starfighters! Centered around a collection of detailed miniatures, you and your opponent will assemble a squadron of these minis and engage in fast-paced space battles! An incredibly involved and strategic 2-player game, X-Wing features some of the coolest minis we’ve come across, gives you the opportunity to play as iconic pilots, and captures the sense of an actual space battle. The red box expands upon the mechanics of the original, while the blue box takes on the ships featured in The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Legion


Another 2-player miniatures game, Star Wars Legion recreates infantry battles, focusing on the art and strategy of warfare! Like X-Wing, we love that Legion’s miniatures are beautifully detailed, increasing the joy and anticipation of the game during the initial set up of assembling, gluing, and admiring the minis. The streamlined mechanics cut down on the time it takes to execute actions and movements, leaving more time for gameplay to satisfy your tactical itch!

Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault weaves together thrilling, tactical missions into a narrative campaign that immerses you in the Star Wars universe. One player plays as Imperial Forces and becomes the surrogate Game Master, while the other players take up a Rebel character for a roster of different classes. We love that Imperial Assault feels like a dungeon crawl, and enjoy that your decisions as a player directly affect the course of the game. The game is balanced so that while no single battle lost will end the game, there is still an ever present air of tension.

Star Wars Destiny


Destiny joins the league of two-player deckbuilding games with the magnificent whirr of light sabers! Like most collectible card games, you’ll play cards that do damage to take out your opponent. Unlike other games, Destiny has you juggling a small cast of characters already in play, each with their own hit points. Dice keep the pace moving, mimicking the chaos of space battles. We adore Destiny’s unique blend of familiarity and innovation - a deckbuilder with special elements that give it a board game feel.

Star Wars Roleplaying Games

Star Wars Classic RPG

RPG Classic (30th Anniversary ed) Box Set

Considered one of the most influential RPGs in the gaming industry, the Star Wars Classic RPG revived Star Wars fervor when it was released in 1987! In this game, the character creation process is shortened and the tools simplified, so that you can jump in immediately. Create your own character or play as one of your favorites. We love that the fast paced combat along with the lack of hit points (characters suffer from conditions rather than lost health) simulates a cinematic feel - so much so that the writers referred to this game when working on the new films!

Star Wars RPG Fantasy Flight

Fantasy Flight Star Wars Roleplaying Games

Fantasy Flight, one of the  most prolific gaming companies, sports a robust roster of Star Wars Roleplaying Games. Each of their lines feature core rulebooks to help introduce you to character creation and running the game, separate adventures to expand each game, and beginner boxes that set you up with everything you need to immediately begin playing.

Star Wars Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, and Force and Destiny all share the same rules, mechanics, and dice, so each of the rulebooks serves to introduce you to new settings and thematic experiences without having to learn a new game. The Force Awakens shares similar mechanics but is built to be a standalone roleplay experience.

Force and Destiny, set shortly after the destruction of the Death Star, focuses on Jedi and other Force users. You will have options to train with other Jedi, defend the oppressed, and join the Rebellion. Or perhaps you will bend to the Dark Side. This is the roleplay game for those interested in the ever-present turmoil between the dark and light side of the Force.

In Edge of the Empire, you will have the opportunity to exist on the outskirts of society, right underneath the Empire’s nose. From scholars to smugglers, you’ll operate in the shadow, collecting intel and contraband. Perfect for gritty games about  grifters and grey morality.

Age of Rebellion thrusts you right into the Galactic Civil War! You and your ragtag team of Rebels will go toe to toe with the looming Empire through a series of missions that will test your wits and bravery. Perfect for games focusing on team dynamics!

The Force Awakens game does not have a full line of supplements and games like the other Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPGs. It does draw upon their core mechanics and gameplay elements, but is a standalone game. Set during the regime of the New Republic, right before the events of the Force Awakens, this game centers around the struggle between the First Order and the rebellion.

Star Wars Key Chains


While games are fun, sometimes you just want to sport some fan merch and let the world know where your priorities lie.

We carry a plethora of Star Wars accessories to satisfy even the most diehard fans! And don’t forget to pick up dice for your games of X-WingImperial Assault, or the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPGs!

From keychains, to wallets, wisdom boxes, pencil cases and more - there’s a little slice of the Star Wars fandom to go around!

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