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🏳️‍🌈  FREE RPG DAY 2023 – June 24
Swing by the Store (at 280 Grand st) to pick up a swag bag full of FREE RPGs. Twenty Sided Free RPG Day Swag Bags are fully loaded with a bunch of goodies from local game designers and are first come so show up early to get the most stuff! Get a sneak peak! Free RPG Day 2023 Swag

Register Now to reserve your seat!

Pre-register and get a premium Free RPG Day Swag Bag set aside for you to pick up at the Store after your event (at 280 Grand Street).

GM 101 – w/ Bill White from Bringing Fire @ 12:30p-3p
Crowdfunding – w/ Richard Ruane, Mary Georgescu, Ray Olsen, Tony Vasinda @ 3p-5p
Zines – Richard Ruane, Mary Georgescu, Ray Olsen, Viditya Voleti, Tony Vasinda @ 5p-7p

 SLOT 1 @ 12p-3p
Your World Ends Now | Playtest - w/ Benel Germosen
Moonlight on Roseville Beach | Bracknell Horror - w/ Richard Ruane
Dungeon Crawl Classics | Piercing the Demon's Eye - w/ Glenn Jingleman
Something Is Wrong With The Chickens | Make. Bryson. Pay. - w/ Elliot Davis
MÖRK BORG | The Mostly Doomed Valley of Dorwed - w/ John Hague

SLOT 2 @ 4p-7p
World Wide Wrestling | A New Champion - w/ Jonathan Nieves
Cyberpunk RED | A Night at the Opera - w/ Finn Hamre-Myers
MÖRK BORG | Heck Borg- w/ Ricky Gonzalez
DIE | Endgame - w/ James Holley

📽️ MOVIE SCREENING + Q&A @ 8p-10:30p
Skye Hoshi Anime Girl by Pure Magic Pictures – followed by Q&A with writer/director Kalani Hubbard
GET A FREE TICKET when you register in advance –  CODE: ramen